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Martha Schofield diary, 1865-10-06 - 1866-07-10

 Item — Box: 6
Identifier: A00181122
Scope and Contents 121 pages. Diary of Martha Schofield, with entries from October 6,1865 to July 10, 1866. Pages 78-79, 88-89, and 91-92 were cut out. Records her daily life during the time she spent on Wadmalaw Island, South Carolina, where she was appointed by the Pennsylvania Freedmen's Relief Association to teach African Americans. Focuses on her experiences aiding and educating African American freedmen; Schofield also documents her relationships with her friends, coworkers (Mary A. Sharp, H. A. Evans, and...
Dates: 1865-10-06 - 1866-07-10

Extracts from letters written to family while teaching on Wadmala Island, 1865 - 1866

 Item — Box: 6
Identifier: A00181596
Scope and Contents 51 pages. Notebook containing extracts of letters written by Martha Schofield during her time on Wadmalaw Island, South Carolina, where she worked as a teacher of African American freedmen (1865-1866); primarily addressed to her family and copied by her mother, Mary H. Child. Loose scrap paper/notes enclosed, including a document titled "Written 1st Month 1831 in a Season of Mournful Meditation," possibly written by Mary H. Child about the death of her mother Jane Hough Jackson (1776-1830)....
Dates: Majority of material found within 1865 - 1866

Martha Schofield diary, 1867-1868

 Item — Box: 6
Identifier: A00181622
Scope and Contents 99 pages. Diary of Martha Schofield with entries from August 1, 1867 to December 31, 1868. Records events in her daily life, including teaching African Americans and her severe illness.

Subjects: Schofield, Martha; Diaries; Reconstruction (United States : 1865-1877); Women in education; Women teachers; African Americans--Education; African Americans--Services for; Health; Sick

Relevant locations: Beaufort (S.C.); Pennsylvania; Aiken (S.C.)
Dates: 1867-1868

Martha Schofield diary, 1869-1871

 Item — Box: 6
Identifier: A00181623
Scope and Contents 90 pages. Martha Schofield moved to South Carolina after the Civil War to run a school for African American children. Her diary describes her daily activities with a focus on her social life. Running themes include Schofield's deeply conflicted feelings over the engagement of her best friend Sarah "Sadie" Brouwer to Thomas Chalkley Bartram; her health problems involving her lungs, which she believed would be fatal; and the founding of what became the Schofield Normal and Industrial School. It...
Dates: 1869-1871

Martha Schofield diary and memorandums, 1885 - 1888

 Item — Box: 6
Identifier: A00181624
Scope and Contents 38 pages. Bound book titled "Memorandum" containing various notes written by Martha Schofield. Includes recorded experiences from formerly enslaved people, her detailed account of the 1886 earthquake, cooking recipes, measurements of the Statue of Liberty, and quotes. Enclosed calling cards and newspaper clippings of poems were scanned at the end.

Subjects: Schofield, Martha; Diaries; Earthquakes; Recipes; Slavery; Freedmen; Poetry

Relevant locations: Aiken (S.C.)
Dates: 1885 - 1888

Martha Schofield diary and contact list, 1890 - 1893

 Item — Box: 6
Identifier: A00181625
Scope and Contents 70 pages. Journal of Martha Schofield containing a list of contacts, with accompanying addresses and short descriptions.

Subjects: Schofield, Martha; Address books

Relevant locations: Aiken (S.C.)
Dates: 1890 - 1893

Martha Schofield diary, 1892 - 1893

 Item — Box: 6
Identifier: A00181626
Scope and Contents 391 pages. Diary of Martha Schofield with entries from January 1 to December 31, 1892 (page 370 includes an entry from August 1893, and page 379 includes an entry from May 28, 1893). Blank pages that were not scanned: Jan 19, 30, 31; Feb 2, 3, 5, 11, 17; Mar 17, 18, 22, 23, 26, 30, 31; Apr 18; Jun 24, 25; Oct 28; Nov 23; and Dec 23. Schofield records her daily life, with notes, financial accounts, and a contact list at the end.Subjects: Schofield, Martha; Diaries; Women teachers;...
Dates: 1892 - 1893

Martha Schofield diary, 1893

 Item — Box: 6
Identifier: A00181627
Scope and Contents 156 pages. Diary of Martha Schofield, with entries from January 1, 1893 to November 2, 1893. Primarily contains records of Schofield's daily life.

Subjects: Schofield, Martha; Diaries

Relevant locations: Aiken (S.C.)
Dates: 1893

Martha Schofield diary, 1896

 Item — Box: 6
Identifier: A00181628
Scope and Contents 68 pages. Diary of Martha Schofield recording her tour across the western United States.

Subjects: Schofield, Martha; Diaries; Voyages and travels

Relevant locations: Aiken (S.C.); Montana; Arizona; Grand Canyon (Ariz.); Wyoming; California; United States
Dates: 1896

Martha Schofield diary, 1898 - 1899

 Item — Box: 6
Identifier: A00181629
Scope and Contents 201 pages. Diary of Martha Schofield recording her daily life. The printed calendar headings do not correspond with the entry dates. Blank pages were not scanned. Includes an address directory of her associates and a letter extract from Mary A. Sharp, dated 1899.

Subjects: Schofield, Martha; Diaries

Relevant locations: Aiken (S.C.)
Dates: 1898 - 1899