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QM/NY/MM. Constituent Monthly, Preparative, and Quarterly meetings

 Record Group Term
Identifier: QM/NY/MM
_____ MONTHLY MEETING _____ The basic unit of Quaker administration, which holds regular monthly business meetings. Only members can participate. It has responsibility for care of members, authorizes removals and marriages, maintains discipline, considers the queries, manages meeting property, fosters social concerns, and reports regularly to the quarterly meeting. _____ PREPARATIVE MEETING _____ A regularly-organized business meeting of a single congregation which prepared business to be presented to the monthly meeting. The scope of business as recorded in its minutes was normally limited to responses to queries and matters of property and school oversight. _____ QUARTERLY MEETING _____ Meetings for business held four times per year, attended by representatives of all monthly meetings in a region. It is an intermediary between the monthly and yearly meeting, serves as an appellate body for disciplinary matters, and considers problems too large for a local meeting to solve. A quarterly meeting holds the authority to establish or discontinue a monthly, preparative, or particular meeting for worship. It collects financial assessments from each monthly meeting in accordance with the quota established by the yearly meeting.

Found in 11 Collections and/or Records:

Bethpage Preparative Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-B477
Overview Includes records of the pre-Separation and Hicksite Bethpage Preparative Meeting: men's minutes, 1773-2010; women's minutes, 1789-1795, 1805-1890; treasurer's book, 1785-1804.
Dates: 1773-2010

Jericho Monthly Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-J451
Overview Records of Jericho Monthly Meeting, 1789-1953. Includes: men's, women's and joint minutes, 1789-1948; Vital records including births and deaths, 1811-88, membership 1796-1955, and marriages 1789-1972; Ministers and Elders records 1817-1953; Financial records 1817-1933; and a Weekend Conference register, 1911.
Dates: 1789-1972

Jericho Preparative Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-J457
Overview Records of Jericho Preparative Meeting, 1787-1956. Includes: Minutes (men's & joint), 1787-1956; Women's minutes, 1834-1911; Financial records 1861-1910; and School Committee records 1787-1842.
Dates: 1787-1956

Manhasset Monthly Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-M353
Overview Records of Manhasset Monthly Meeting, 1961-present. Includes minutes, 1961-1995, burial Records 1822-1982, and newsletters, 1984-88.
Dates: 1961-1995

Manhasset Preparative Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-M357
Overview Records of Manhasset Preparative Meeting, 1784-1961. Includes: Men's and joint minutes, 1800-1961, and Women's minutes, 1784-1886.
Dates: 1784-1961

Matinecock Monthly Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-M383
Overview Records of Matinecock Monthly Meeting, including minutes, 1961-75 and 1976-1981, and newsletter, 1984-89.
Dates: 1961-1989

Westbury Monthly Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-W455
Overview Records of Westbury Monthly Meeting, 1828-1947. Includes minutes, 1828-1937, and vital records, 1828-1947.
Dates: 1828-1947

Westbury Monthly Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-W453
Overview Records of Westbury Monthly Meeting, 1660-. Includes minutes 1697-2018; vital records 1660-1995; deeds, 1685-1745; financial records 1723-1931; Ministers and Elders, 1819-1973; and miscellaneous materials, 1696-1995.
Dates: 1660-2018

Westbury Preparative Meeting (Orthodox) Records

Identifier: QM-NY-W459
Overview Records of Westbury Preparative Meeting, 1853-1902. Includes minutes 1853-1902.
Dates: 1853-1902