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"Account of Isaac Coates, Joshua Sharpless & John Pierce's Visits to the Indian Reservation in Western New York"

Identifier: HC.MC-975-07-130
Scope and Content note This collection is comprised of the single bound volume. The original account was written in 1798 & 1799. This copy, in an unknown hand, was likely written in the latter half of the 19th century. The volume describes Isaac Coates, Joshua Sharpless, and John Pierce's travel to Native American reservations on behalf of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Indian Committee, and the work they did while there.

Allinson Family Papers

Identifier: HC.MC-968
abstract This collection spans more than two centuries and includes most notably members of the Allinson and Taylor families. There are also letters from Joseph Bonaparte, Sarah Moore Grimke, Julia Ward Howe and George Washington. Prominent material types include correspondence, diaries, financial, legal and property papers, maps, photographs and poetry. The richest subject veins are anti-slavery, including the Free Produce Association of Friends, the yellow fever epidemic in Philadelphia and settlement...

Mary Ellicott Arnold (1876-1968) Papers

Identifier: SFHL-RG5-003
Overview Mary Ellicott Arnold (1876-1968) was a Quaker writer and social activist, known for her work with consumer cooperatives. After an unsuccessful farming venture in her youth, Mary Ellicott Arnold and her lifelong companion, Mabel Reed, worked with the Karok Indians in California as employees of the United States Indian Bureau. After a period as chief organizer for the U.S. Employment Service in New York State, she and Mabel Reed were involved in a number of successful cooperative ventures. She...

Associated Executive Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs

Identifier: HC.MC-1003
Overview Records deal with the work of Friends in running mission stations in Oklahoma among the Iowa, Modoc, Kickapoo, Oto, Shawnee, Osage and other Indians. Letters from superintendents and missionaries in the field describe the difficulties and experiences of Friends in their work. Topics discussed include attempts to Christianize the Indians, improve living conditions, Indian education, use of peyote and alcohol, disease, Indian dances, conflicts with other religious denominations, protection of the...

David Bacon journal

Identifier: HC.MC-975-01-003
Scope and Content note This collection includes the original copy of David Bacon’s journal kept during his time with the Six Nations in 1794, as well as two photocopies. Entries describe Bacon’s journey to the Six Nations territory, and interactions between himself and the members of the Six Nations, as well as discussions between representatives from the American and Six Nations governments concerning the treaty that was to determine the land rights of the Six Nations after the end of the American Revolutionary War....

Balderston Collected Manuscripts

Identifier: SFHL-SC-006
Abstract Most of the correspondence in this collection is addressed to Henry Drinker concerning trivial and more substantive matters of his business and that of the Society of Friends, including a letter from William Savery in 1794 from Canadagua describing a visit to the Oneidas. Also included are a document from the Philadelphia Committee to Joseph Elkinton in Tunesassah (1822) and a subscription list (1831) for J.J. Foster's publication on the New Jersey Crosswicks trial, signed by Roberts Vaux and...

Baltimore Yearly Meeting draft epistles collection

Identifier: SFHL-SC-269
Abstract Collection of manuscript drafts of epistles prepared by Baltimore Yearly Meeting to send to the Yearly Meetings of Philadelphia, New York, Rhode Island, and North Carolina. Most concern the education and treatment of Indians, African Americans, and Quaker children; also, opposition to war and the production of liquor by Friends. All are handwritten with corrections.

Anthony Benezet letters

Identifier: HC.MC-852
Abstract A collection of letters of Anthony Benezet (1713-1784), a prominent Friend, philanthropist and teacher. These letters, which are addressed to various persons, reflect cultural and religious aspects, the efforts of Friends to abolish slavery, interest in education, opposition to intolerance and war, missionary work, and observations on the Indians. Mention is made in the letters of Conrad Weiser, George Whitfield, Samuel Wetherill, and others; and there are frequent references to publications in...

Zelma Corning Brandt papers

Identifier: BMC-M92
Overview Zelma Corning Brandt (1891-1990) was a social crusader active throughout the twentieth century. Her chief interests included the independence and development of colonial countries, American Indian affairs, nuclear disarmament, women’s issues, and geriatric concerns. The collection consists of correspondence, travel notes, diaries and writings, and publications and reports, especially from 1960-1989. Brandt’s longevity and attention to detail provide a complete view of various world and...
Found in: Bryn Mawr College

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Quaker Meeting Records at Haverford College Quaker & Special Collections and Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College 3
Bryn Mawr College 2
Swarthmore College Peace Collection 2
Cornplanter, Seneca chief 8
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends (Orthodox : 1827-1955). Indian Committee (1827-1948) 6
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. Indian Committee 5
Simmons, Henry 5
Jackson, Halliday, 1771-1835 4
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Janney, Samuel M. (Samuel Mcpherson), 1801-1880 4
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Hicksite : 1827-1955). Joint Committee on Indian Affairs (1869-1892) 4
Sharpless, Joshua 4
White, Barclay, 1821-1903 4
American Friends Service Committee 3
Ferris, Benjamin, 1780-1867 3
Friendly Association for Regaining and Preserving Peace with the Indians by Pacific Measures 3
Green, Albert Lamborn, 1845-1947 3
Haverford College 3
Jackson, John, 1809-1855 3
Lightfoot, Thomas, 1821-1896 3
Pemberton, James, 1723-1809 3
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends (Hicksite : 1827-1955). Indian Committee (1837-1850) 3
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends (Hicksite : 1827-1955). Joint Committee on Indian Affairs (1869-1892) 3
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends (Hicksite: 1827- 1955). Sub-committee on Indian Concerns 3
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends Library 3
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. Committee Appointed for the Gradual Civilization and Welfare of the Indian Natives (1795-1827) 3
Saunders, John, 1814-1891 3
Savery, William, 1750-1804 3
Bacon, David 2
Bryn Mawr College 2
Dillwyn, George, 1738-1820 2
Dorsey, William, 1811-1874 2
Elkinton, Joseph, 1794-1868 2
Fothergill, Samuel 2
Hallowell, Benjamin, 1799-1877 2
Jeanes, Samuel, d.1894 2
Joint Committee on Indian Affairs of the Four Yearly Meetings of Baltimore, Genesee, New York, and Philadelphia (Society of Friends : Hicksite) 2
Jones, Rufus M. (Rufus Matthew), 1863-1948 2
Kelsey, Rayner Wickersham 2
Macy, William H., 1805-1887 2
Parrish, Dillwyn, 1809-1886 2
Pemberton, Israel, 1715-1779 2
Pemberton, John, 1727-1795 2
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends (Hicksite : 1827-1955) 2
Smith, John, 1722-1771 2
Society of Friends 2
United States. Board of Indian Commissioners 2
United States. Office of Indian Affairs. Great Nemaha Agency 2
United States. Office of Indian Affairs. Otoe Agency 2
Vaux, George, III, 1909-1996 2
Vaux, George, Jr., 1863-1927 2
Vaux, George, 1832-1915 2
Waln, Nicholas, 1742-1813 2
Wistar, Thomas 2
Allinson family 1
Allinson, Elizabeth 1
Allinson, Margaret 1
Allinson, Samuel, 1739-1791 1
Allinson, Samuel, 1808-1883 1
Allinson, William J., 1810-1874 1
American Association of Retired Persons 1
Andrews, Fannie Fern, 1867-1950 1
Angell, Stephen Ward, 1952- 1
Arnold, Mary Ellicott 1
Ashford, Bailey K. (Bailey Kelly) 1
Aslan, Ana 1
Associated Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs 1
Associated Executive Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs 1
Baldwin, James, 1841-1925 1
Baltimore Yearly Meeting of Friends (Hicksite : 1828-1968). Committee on Indian Concerns 1
Baltimore Yearly Meeting of Friends (Hicksite: 1828-1968). Joint Committee on Indian Affairs (1869-1892) 1
Baltimore Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends 1
Barton, Clara, 1821-1912 1
Bassett family 1
Bean, Hannah E. (Hannah Elliott), 1830-1909 1
Bean, Joel, 1825-1914 1
Benezet, Anthony 1
Bennett, William, 1804-1873 1
Benoit, Emile 1
Bliss, George I. 1
Borton, Hugh 1
Bradley, A. Day (Amos Day), -1905 1
Brandt, Carl, 1892-1957 1
Brandt, Zelma Corning, 1891-1990 1
Brent, Charles Henry 1
Broomell, Anna Pettit 1
Brown, Gould 1
Brown, Levi K. (Levi Kirk), 1814-1899 1
Buck, Pearl S. (Pearl Sydenstricker), 1892-1973 1
Burgess, William, d.1905 1
Burlington Company Association 1
Cadman, S. Parkes (Samuel Parkes) 1
Cadwallader, Priscilla, 1786-1859 1
Campbell, Wallace J. 1
Canby, Isaiah 1
Carmalt, Caleb 1
Carter, Arabella, 1867- 1
Chalkley, Thomas, 1675-1741 1
Chapin, Israel 1
Churchman, George, 1730-1814 1
Cincinnati Book Association of Friends 1
Claypoole, Jane 1
Cloud , Henry Roe 1
Coady, Moses, 1882-1959 1
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