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Jane Addams Papers

Identifier: SCPC-DG-001
Abstract The collection includes correspondence (1870-1935), speeches and publications by Jane Addams (some in manuscript form), articles about and other papers relating to Jane Addams, an extensive file of newspaper clippings, and a subject file of reference material used by Addams. There are also diary and engagement calendars, passports, visiting cards, reviews of her books, the Nobel Peace Prize medal, photographs, and family papers, particularly those of her father, John Huy Addams (1822?-1881)....

Devere Allen Papers

Identifier: SCPC-DG-053
Abstract Author, editor, journalist and lecturer; advocate of internationalist pacifism; influential member of the Socialist Party in the 1930s; genealogist; recorder of Rhode Island history and lore; named Harold Devere Allen.

William Charles Allen Collected Papers

Identifier: SCPC-CDG-A-Allen, William C.
Overview William C. Allen was born in 1857 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He was a member of the Society of Friends. Allen was deeply opposed to war and wrote often about the problems of propaganda, censorship, conscription, imperialism, and the munitions industry. He traveled widely, in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, and wrote many articles about his experiences abroad. perhaps Allen championed the rights of native peoples in South Africa. He also worked against conscription in...

American Friends Service Committee Collected Records

Identifier: SCPC-CDG-A-American Friends Service Committee
Abstract The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) was set up in June 1917 as an outgrowth of and coordination point for the anti-war and relief activities of various bodies of the Religious Society of Friends in the United States.

Bent Andresen Collected Papers

Identifier: SCPC-CDG-A-Andreson, Bent
Abstract Bent Andresen was born January 14, 1908 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Andresen attended Columbia University where he joined the Student League for Industrial Democracy and the Socialist Party. He registered as a conscientious objector during WWII, and was sent to a Civilian Public Service in 1944. Andresen participated in a "guinea pig project" in which he and several other COs lived in a refrigerated room for three months to test the impact of a high-protein diet on cold-weather conditions. After...

Bennett W. Andrews and Florence N. Andrews Papers

Identifier: SCPC-DG-209
Abstract Bennett Andrews was an absolutist conscientious objector during World War II. He served a five year sentence Danbury Prison, a federal penitentiary, in Connecticut. There he worked in a number of positions in the prison. Bennett Andrews was released from prison on July 11, 1946 and received amnesty from President Truman in 1947. Florence Andrews (born in 1913) married Bennett on July 22, 1938. She was also a strong pacifist, who fully supported her husband's C.O. stance.

Hannah J. Bailey Papers

Identifier: SCPC-Reels-69.1-69.3
Overview Hannah Johnston Bailey was a Quaker pacifist, suffragist, reformer,temperance leader, superintendent of the Department of Peace and Arbitration of the National Woman's Christian Temperance Union from 1887 to 1916, president and business manager of the Woman's Temperance Publication Association, the publishing arm of the WCTU, president of the Maine Woman Suffrage Association (1891-1899), and a member of the National American Woman Suffrage Association. Included in her papers is material that...

Harold Barton Papers

Identifier: SCPC-CDG-A-Barton, Harold
Abstract In the early 1940s National Mental Health Foundation originated in 1944-1945 when Harold Barton and three associates, serving at Byberry State Hospital in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), announced plans for a national campaign to improve the conditions in mental hospitals. This, in part, stemmed from their own anger and frustration at the appalling treatment of patients they found at Byberry, where the lack of trained personnel (due to the war effort), severely limited the ability of care for...

Randolph Silliman Bourne Collected Papers

Identifier: SCPC-CDG-A-Bourne, Randolph Silliman

Wilmer Brandt Collected Papers

Identifier: SCPC-CDG-A-Brandt, Wilmer
Overview Brandt was a conscientious objector to war, a Quaker, and interested in peace throughout his life.

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American Friends Service Committee 13
Civilian Public Service 13
War Resisters League 11
Muste, Abraham John, 1885-1967 9
Balch, Emily Greene, 1867-1961 8
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Hughan, Jessie Wallace, 1875-1955 8
Mygatt, Tracy D. (Tracy Dickinson), 1885-1973 8
Schwimmer, Rosika, 1877-1948 8
Fellowship of Reconciliation (U.S.) 7
Holmes, John Haynes, 1879-1964 7
Mead, Lucia True Ames, 1856-1936 7
Catt, Carrie Chapman, 1859-1947 6
Detzer, Dorothy, 1893-1981 6
Kaufman, Abraham 6
Rustin, Bayard, 1912-1987 6
Thomas, Norman, 1884-1968 6
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. U.S. Section 6
Committee for Nonviolent Action 5
Finch, Henry Le Roy 5
Sayre, John Nevin, 1884-1977 5
Witherspoon, Frances, 1886-1973 5
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. Geneva, Switzerland (International Office) 5
Allen, Devere, 1891-1955 4
Baer, Gertrude 4
Baldwin, Roger N. (Roger Nash), 1884-1981 4
Deming, Barbara, 1917-1984 4
Hull, Hannah Clothier, 1872-1958 4
Lyttle, Bradford 4
McReynolds, David 4
Peacemaker Movement 4
Reynolds, Barbara (Barbara Leonard) 4
Roodenko, Igal 4
Shelley, Rebecca, 1887-1984 4
Willoughby, George, pacifist 4
A Quaker Action Group 3
Bromley, Ernest 3
Byberry State Hospital (Pa.) 3
Camp, Kay 3
Civilian Public Service. Camp (Philadelphia, Pa.) 3
DiGia, Ralph 3
Drevet, Camille 3
Florence, Lella Secor, 1887-1966 3
Freeman, Harrop A. (Harrop Arthur), 1907-1993 3
Furnas, Paul J. 3
Henry Ford Peace Expedition (1915-1916) 3
Jordan, David Starr, 1851-1931 3
Lazarus, Frieda Langer 3
Libby, Frederick J. (Frederick Joseph), 1874-1970 3
Lochner, Louis Paul, 1887-1975 3
Morrison, Norman R., 1933-1965 3
National Council for Prevention of War (U.S.) 3
Nearing, Scott, 1883-1983 3
Omaha Action (Project) 3
Rankin, Jeannette, 1880-1973 3
Reynolds, Earle L. 3
Socialist Party (U.S.) 3
Stern, Lee, 1915-1992 3
Swann, Marjorie 3
Thomas, Evan W. (Evan Welling), 1890-1974 3
Villard, Fanny Garrison, 1844-1928 3
Wentworth, Lydia G., 1858- 3
Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924 3
Woods, Amy 3
Allinson, Brent D. (Brent Dow) 2
American Friends Service Committee. Peace Section 2
American Peace Society 2
Andresen, Bent, 1908-1991 2
Angell, Norman, 1874-1967 2
Arnett, Katharine M. (Katharine McCollin) 2
Ballantyne, Edith 2
Barr, Allen H. 2
Berrigan, Philip 2
Blake, Katherine Devereux, 1858-1950 2
Boardman, Elizabeth Jelinek, 1917- 2
Brandt, Wilmer, 1920- 2
Brinton, Ellen Starr, 1886-1954 2
Brockway, Fenner, 1888-1988 2
Bromley, Marion, -1996 2
Buck, Pearl S. (Pearl Sydenstricker), 1892-1973 2
Burritt, Elihu, 1810-1879 2
Carner, Lucy Perkins, 1886-1983 2
Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors 2
Civilian Public Service Union 2
Conference for the Reduction and Limitation of Armaments (1932-1934) (Geneva, Switzerland) 2
Dewey, John, 1859-1952 2
Doty, Madeleine Z. (Madeleine Zabriskie), 1877-1963 2
Early, Frances H. 2
Eastman, Crystal, 1881-1928 2
Eichel, Julius, 1896- 2
Episcopal Church 2
Flanagan, Ross, 1934- 2
Forbes, Rose Dabney, 1864-1947 2
Forest, Jim (James H.) 2
French, Paul Comly, 1903-1960 2
Golden Rule (Ketch) 2
Gottlieb, Edward P. 2
Graves, Anna Melissa, 1875-1964 2
Gregg, Richard Bartlett, 1885- 2
Hamilton, Alice, 1869-1970 2
Hartmann, George W. (George Wilfried), 1904-1955 2
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