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A Quaker Action Group Records

Identifier: SCPC-DG-074
Abstract A Quaker Action Group, founded in Philadelphia during the summer of 1966 to “apply nonviolent direct action as a witness against the war in Vietnam,” was an informally organized group which sponsored numerous projects of national and international scope. Cooperating with such existing organizations as the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) and the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) in confronting “immoral military and political policies” of the government, A Quaker Action...

Akron Council for Peace Action Collected Records

Identifier: SCPC-CDG-A-Akron Council for Peace Action

Albert Einstein Institution Records

Identifier: SCPC-DG-220
Abstract The Albert Einstein Institution was founded in 1983 and is dedicated to advancing the study and use of strategic nonviolent action in conflicts throughout the world. It is committed to the defense of freedom, democracy, and the reduction of political violence through the use of nonviolent action. The principle founder of the Albert Einstein Institution is Dr. Gene Sharp. To further its mission, the Institution has supported research projects, actively consulted with resistance and pro-democracy...

American Interorganization Council in Geneva Collected Records

Identifier: SCPC-CDG-B-Switzerland-American Interorganization Council

American Peace Society Records

Identifier: SCPC-DG-003
Overview In the 1820s William Ladd of the Maine Peace Society suggested that the regional US peace societies become associated in a national organization. As a result, the peace societies of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) merged in May 1828 to form the American Peace Society [APS]. The stated purpose of the American Peace Society was to "promote permanent international peace through justice; and to advance in every proper way the general use of...

American Peace Terms Committee Collected Records

Identifier: SCPC-CDG-A-American Peace Terms Committee

American Union for Concerted Peace Efforts Collected Records

Identifier: SCPC-CDG-A-American Union for Concerted Peace Efforts

American Youth Congress Collected Records

Identifier: SCPC-CDG-A-American Youth Congress

Another Mother for Peace Records

Identifier: SCPC-DG-102
Abstract Another Mother for Peace was a women's peace group born from the antipathy to the war in Vietnam, based in Los Angeles, California. The stated purpose of this non-partison, non-profit organization was "to educate women to take an active role in eliminating war as a means of solving disputes between nations, people and ideologies." AMP closed its offices in January 1986.

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Swarthmore College Peace Collection 140
Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College 6
Quaker Meeting Records at Haverford College Quaker & Special Collections and Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College 1
American Friends Service Committee 10
Muste, Abraham John, 1885-1967 8
Balch, Emily Greene, 1867-1961 7
Detzer, Dorothy, 1893-1981 7
Mead, Lucia True Ames, 1856-1936 7
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League of Nations 6
Libby, Frederick J. (Frederick Joseph), 1874-1970 6
Lochner, Louis Paul, 1887-1975 6
Thomas, Norman, 1884-1968 6
American Peace Society 5
Catt, Carrie Chapman, 1859-1947 5
Hughan, Jessie Wallace, 1875-1955 5
Hutchinson, Dorothy H. (Dorothy Hewitt), 1905-1984 5
Lyttle, Bradford 5
Mead, Edwin D. (Edwin Doak), 1849-1937 5
Schwimmer, Rosika, 1877-1948 5
Willoughby, George, pacifist 5
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. U.S. Section 5
Andrews, Fannie Fern, 1867-1950 4
Brown, H. Runham (Herbert Runham), 1879-1949 4
Forbes, Rose Dabney, 1864-1947 4
Holmes, John Haynes, 1879-1964 4
Hull, Hannah Clothier, 1872-1958 4
Kaufman, Abraham 4
Newton, Ray 4
Olmsted, Allen S. (Allen Seymour), 1888-1977 4
Sayre, John Nevin, 1884-1977 4
Scott, Lawrence, 1908-1986 4
Swomley, John M., 1915-2010 4
Universal Peace Union 4
War Resisters League 4
Wilson, E. Raymond (Edward Raymond), 1896-1987 4
Allen, Devere, 1891-1955 3
Baer, Gertrude 3
Byrns, Elinor 3
Cadbury, Henry J. (Henry Joel), 1883-1974 3
Carner, Lucy Perkins, 1886-1983 3
Carter, Arabella, 1867- 3
Christian Arbitration and Peace Society 3
Dellinger, David T., 1915-2004 3
Evans, Edward W. (Edward Wyatt), 1882-1976 3
Fellowship of Reconciliation (U.S.) 3
French, Paul Comly, 1903-1960 3
Hassler, Alfred, 1910- 3
Holt, Hamilton, 1872-1951 3
Jack, Homer A. (Homer Alexander), 1916-1993 3
Lens, Sidney 3
Levering, Robert, 1944- 3
Lockwood, Belva Ann, 1830-1917 3
Love, Alfred H. (Alfred Harry), 1830-1913 3
McReynolds, David 3
Mygatt, Tracy D. (Tracy Dickinson), 1885-1973 3
Peck, Sidney M. (Sidney Morris), 1926- 3
Post, Alice Thacher, 1853-1947 3
Rustin, Bayard, 1912-1987 3
Sewall, May Wright, 1844-1920 3
Thomas, Evan W. (Evan Welling), 1890-1974 3
Turn Toward Peace (Organization) 3
United Nations 3
Wales, Julia Grace, 1881- 3
Walker, Charles C. 3
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. Geneva, Switzerland (International Office) 3
Young, Ronald J., 1942- 3
A Quaker Action Group 2
Affeldt, Allan 2
Allinson, Brent D. (Brent Dow) 2
American Legion 2
Angell, Norman, 1874-1967 2
Arnett, Katharine M. (Katharine McCollin) 2
Babcock, Caroline L. (Caroline Lexow), 1882- 2
Baldwin, Roger N. (Roger Nash), 1884-1981 2
Ballantyne, Edith 2
Beaton, Grace M. 2
Berrigan, Daniel 2
Blake, Katherine Devereux, 1858-1950 2
Blakeslee, George Hubbard, 1871-1954 2
Boardman, Elizabeth Jelinek, 1917- 2
Boss, Charles F. (Charles Frederick), 1888- 2
Brickner, Balfour, 1926-2005 2
Bussey, Gertrude Carman, 1888-1961 2
Call, Arthur Deerin, 1869-1941 2
Camp, Kay 2
Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors 2
Chalmers, Ruth 2
Chavez, Daniel 2
Civilian Public Service 2
Clergy and Laity Concerned (U.S.) 2
Coffin, William Sloane, Jr., 1924-2006 2
Committee for Nonviolent Action 2
Conference for the Reduction and Limitation of Armaments (1932-1934) (Geneva, Switzerland) 2
Continental Walk for Disarmament and Social Justice 2
Cousins, Norman 2
Dewey, John, 1859-1952 2
Dulles, Sophia H. 2
Eastman, Crystal, 1881-1928 2
Eaton, Robert Whittington 2
Eckstein, Anna B., 1868-1947 2
Fellowship of Reconciliation (Great Britain) 2
Fernandez, Richard R. (Richard Ritter) 2
Flanagan, Ross, 1934- 2
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