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Allinson and Taylor family papers

Identifier: HC.MC-950-001
Scope and Content note This collection is comprised of the papers of the Allinson and Taylor families. The collection includes a handwritten biography of Hannah Taylor, a pamphlet and poem about William J. Allinson, and the monthly reports and notebook of Gertrude Allinson from the Friends' School Rhode Island.
Dates: 1876-1912

Bacon Family papers

Identifier: HC.MC-1156
Scope and Contents Correspondence, diaries and photographs relating to the 20th-century Quakers Edith Farquhar Bacon and Francis Rogers Bacon, their families, forebears, friends and colleagues.
Dates: 1807-1987

Francis Bacon diaries

Identifier: HC.MC-975-01-004
Scope and Content note This collection is composed of the two original, handwritten diaries of Francis Bacon, kept during the years 1841-1843, and 1858-1862. Entries describe Bacon’s daily life, including descriptions of the weather, Quaker meetings he attended, business transactions, social calls with friends and family, and the births, deaths, and marriages within the Quaker community.
Dates: 1841-1862

Bartlett family papers

Identifier: HC.MC-950-014
Scope and Content note This collection is comprised of the correspondence, school records, financial records, legal documents, and miscellaneous papers of various members of the Bartlett family.
Dates: 1842-1859

Bettle family correspondence

Identifier: HC.MC-950-024
Scope and Content note This collection is comprised of three folders of the personal correspondence of Elizabeth, Mary, and Samuel Bettle.
Dates: 1825-1890

Sarah Upton Bowerman diary

Identifier: HC.MC-975-01-008
Scope and Content note This collection is composed of the single, handwritten volume of Sarah Upton Bowerman's diary. The diary begins with a description of Bowerman's childhood and early adulthood. Entries are composed of religious reflection, and descriptions of meetings attended in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, family news, and social calls.
Dates: 1841-1868

Branch family correspondence

Identifier: HC.MC-950-028
Scope and Content note This collection is comprised of the correspondence of the Branch family.
Dates: 1899-1921

Brown family history

Identifier: HC.MC-975-10-011
Scope and Content note This collection is comprised of the small, single, handwritten volume of the Brown family history. The volume traces the Brown family back to Thomas and Eleanor Brown of West Nottingham, and traces the descendants of this couple through the eighteenth century. The inside of the back cover is inscribed with the name M. Mendenhall, and dated 8th mo 1833.
Dates: 1833

Cadbury-Brown Family papers, addition 1

Identifier: HC.MC-1177-addition 1
Overview This addition consists of over 240 letters between Caroline Cadbury (1851-1914) and Thomas Kite Brown (1851-1929) during their engagement. There are also letters between Caroline's parents Richard Cadbury (1825-1897) and Lydia Comfort Shinn (1828-1904) during their own engagement, as well as later letters from Caroline to her family.
Dates: 1849-1919

Cadbury-Brown Family papers, addition 2

Identifier: HC.MC-1177-addition 2
Overview Much of this addition is comprised of letters from Caroline Cadbury Brown (1851-1914) to her parents, husband, and children. Additionally, there are letters from her mother, Lydia Comfort Shinn Cadbury (1828-1904), her husband Thomas Kite Brown (1851-1929), and all of their six surviving children.
Dates: 1850-1914

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Matlack family 3
Morris family 3
Brown, Caroline Cadbury, 1851-1914 2
Brown, Thomas Kite, 1851-1929 2
Cadbury family 2
Cadbury, Lydia C. Shinn 2
Cadbury, Richard, 1825-1897 2
Evans, J. Morris 2
Ladd, Benjamin 2
Leeds, Morris Evans 2
Letchworth, Elizabeth Kite 2
Letchworth, John 2
Lippincott family 2
Morris, Elliston P. (Elliston Perot), 1899-1980 2
Morris, Marriott Canby 2
Potts family 2
Stackhouse, Asa Matlack (Asa Matlack Stackhouse) 2
Stokes family 2
Whitson, Benjamin F., 1867-1957 2
Allinson, Gertrude 1
Allinson, William J., 1810-1874 1
American Friends Service Committee 1
Anna Morris Shinn Maier 1
Bacon, Edith Farquhar, 1892-1988 1
Bacon, Francis R. (Francis Rogers), 1888-1965 1
Bacon, Francis, 1812-1870 1
Bacon, Samuel Allen, 1848-1908 1
Bartlett family 1
Bettle family 1
Bettle, Samuel 1
Bowerman, Sarah Upton 1
Branch family 1
Bringhurst, James, 1730-1810 1
Bringhurst, Joseph, 1733-1811 1
Brown, Moses, 1738-1836 1
Brown, Thomas Kite, 1885-1944 1
Bryn Mawr College 1
Cadbury, Anna K (Anna Kaighn), 1846-1923 1
Cadbury, Henry J. (Henry Joel), 1883-1974 1
Cadbury, Lydia Caroline Brown, 1889-1978 1
Cadorus, Page 1
Chase, Thomas 1
Collins family 1
Collins, Isaac, 1787-1863 1
Collins, Julia Cope 1
Collins, Rebecca, 1805-1892 1
Comfort family 1
Comfort, Elizabeth Cadwallader 1
Comfort, William Wistar 1
Conard family 1
Cooper, David 1
Cope, Annette 1
Cope, Caroline E. (Caroline Elizabeth) 1
Cope, Clementine 1
Cope, E. D. (Edward Drinker) 1
Cope, Elizabeth Stewardson 1
Cope, Esther Whitson, b.1900 1
Cope, Thomas P. (Thomas Pim) 1
Cope, William D. (William Drinker) 1
Cromwell family 1
Dickinson, John, 1732-1808 1
Dillwyn, George, 1738-1820 1
Dinsmore family 1
Drinker, Elizabeth Sandwith 1
Drinker, Henry, 1734-1809 1
Edwards family 1
Elkinton, J.P. 1
Esterbrook Steel Pen Manufacturing Company 1
Evans family 1
Evans, Anne Tall 1
Evans, Francis Algernon 1
Evans, Hannah Bacon 1
Evans, Rachel Reeve Cope 1
Fisher family 1
Fisher, Alfred William 1
Fisher, Samuel Rowland, 1745-1834 1
Fisher, Sarah Logan 1
Fisher, Thomas S., b.1928 1
Foulke, Elizabeth, 1758-1820 1
Garret family 1
Gimbel Brothers 1
Greene, Rowland 1
Grimké, Angelina Emily 1
Grimké, Sarah Moore 1
Gummere, Amelia M. (Amelia Mott) 1
Gummere, Francis Barton 1
Gummere, John Flagg 1
Haines, Deborah Bunting 1
Haines, Elizabeth Shinn, 1823-1883 1
Haines, Henry 1
Haines, Samuel Bunting, 1840-1863 1
Hallowell, Edward Needles 1
Harrison, Hannah 1
Howard family 1
Howard, Eliza 1
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