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Jane Addams Collection

Identifier: SCPC-DG-001
Overview A world-famous social reformer; co-founded the first settlement house in America in 1889; championed many causes on behalf of the urban poor, such as protection of immigrants, child labor laws, industrial safety, juvenile courts, and recognition of labor unions; a leading figure in the movement for international peace; awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931.

Alliance Universelle des Femmes pour la Paix par l'Éducation Collection

Identifier: SCPC-CDG-B-Alliance universelle des femmes...
Abstract Includes newspaper clippings, periodicals, and the constitution of the organization.

American Association of University Women Collected Records

Identifier: SCPC-CDG-A-American Association of University Women

American Women for Peace Collected Records

Identifier: SCPC-CDG-A-American Women for Peace

Another Mother for Peace Records

Identifier: SCPC-DG-102
Abstract Another Mother for Peace was a women's peace group born from the antipathy to the war in Vietnam, based in Los Angeles, California. The stated purpose of this non-partison, non-profit organization was "to educate women to take an active role in eliminating war as a means of solving disputes between nations, people and ideologies." AMP closed its offices in January 1986.

Hannah J. Bailey Papers

Identifier: SCPC-DG-005
Overview Hannah Johnston Bailey was a Quaker pacifist, suffragist, reformer,temperance leader, superintendent of the Department of Peace and Arbitration of the National Woman's Christian Temperance Union from 1887 to 1916, president and business manager of the Woman's Temperance Publication Association, the publishing arm of the WCTU, president of the Maine Woman Suffrage Association (1891-1899), and a member of the National American Woman Suffrage Association. Included in her papers is material that...

Emily Greene Balch Papers

Identifier: SCPC-DG-006
Abstract Emily Greene Balch (1867-1961) was the second U.S. woman to have won the Nobel Peace Prize. Balch embarked on her academic career in the economics and sociology department at Wellesley College. Balch's extracurricular work with the Women's Trade Union League and opposition to World War I resulted in dismissal from Wellesley, and thereafter she helped lead the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. Called a "Citizen of the World," Balch worked for peace throughout her life--through...

Katherine Devereux Blake Collected Papers

Identifier: SCPC-CDG-A-Blake, Katherine Devereux
Abstract Katherine Devereux Blake was a suffragist and peace activist through the first half of the twentieth century. She was a member of the Ford Peace Expedition in 1915-1916, served on the national board of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom and its international executive board, and was the chief speaker for the Disarmament Caravan, which toured 9,000 miles in 1931.

Elise Boulding Collected Papers

Identifier: SCPC-CDG-A-Boulding, Elise

Kay Camp Papers

Identifier: SCPC-DG-169
Abstract Katherine Lindsley Camp was born in 1918 [1919?], Mt. Kisco New York. She was a graduate of Swarthmore College (Class of 1940). Camp was elected president of the U.S. Section of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom in 1967, and served as international president, 1974-1980. In addition Camp was founder of the Citizens Bi-Racial Study Group; former president of the Pennsylvania Women's Political Caucus; made unsuccessful bid for Congress in 1972 on the Democratic ticket in...

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Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. U.S. Section 12
Balch, Emily Greene, 1867-1961 10
Schwimmer, Rosika, 1877-1948 10
Woman's Peace Party 8
Catt, Carrie Chapman, 1859-1947 7
∨ more
Mead, Lucia True Ames, 1856-1936 7
Baer, Gertrude 6
Detzer, Dorothy, 1893-1981 6
Hull, Hannah Clothier, 1872-1958 6
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. Geneva, Switzerland (International Office) 6
Randall, Mercedes M. (Mercedes Moritz), 1895-1977 5
Shelley, Rebecca, 1887-1984 5
Ballantyne, Edith 4
Blake, Katherine Devereux, 1858-1950 4
Drevet, Camille 4
Forbes, Rose Dabney, 1864-1947 4
Henry Ford Peace Expedition (1915-1916) 4
Heymann, Lida Gustava, 1868-1943 4
Lochner, Louis Paul, 1887-1975 4
Post, Alice Thacher, 1853-1947 4
Ragaz, Clara 4
Wales, Julia Grace, 1881- 4
Boulding, Elise 3
Camp, Kay 3
Chalmers, Ruth 3
Courtney, Kathleen, Dame, 1878-1974 3
Doty, Madeleine Z. (Madeleine Zabriskie), 1877-1963 3
Graves, Anna Melissa, 1875-1964 3
Hutchinson, Dorothy H. (Dorothy Hewitt), 1905-1984 3
Jacobs, Aletta H. (Aletta Henriette), 1854-1929 3
Jōdai, Tano, 1886-1982 3
Muste, Abraham John, 1885-1967 3
Sewall, May Wright, 1844-1920 3
Warbasse, Agnes D. (Agnes Dyer), 1877-1945 3
Wold, Emma, 1871-1950 3
Woods, Amy 3
Abbott, Grace, 1878-1939 2
American Union Against Militarism 2
Angell, Norman, 1874-1967 2
Arnett, Katharine M. (Katharine McCollin) 2
Brinton, Ellen Starr, 1886-1954 2
Brockway, Fenner, 1888-1988 2
Bussey, Gertrude Carman, 1888-1961 2
Carner, Lucy Perkins, 1886-1983 2
Duchêne, Gabrielle 2
Eastman, Crystal, 1881-1928 2
Gage-Colby, Ruth 2
Gale, Zona, 1874-1938 2
Hamilton, Alice, 1869-1970 2
Hartmann, George W. (George Wilfried), 1904-1955 2
Hoover, Herbert, 1874-1964 2
Hughan, Jessie Wallace, 1875-1955 2
International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace 2
Jane Addams Peace Association 2
Jordan, David Starr, 1851-1931 2
Jouve, Andrée, 1884-1972 2
Karsten, Eleanor Daggett, -1946 2
Kellogg, Paul Underwood, 1879-1958 2
League of Nations 2
Lloyd, Lola Maverick, 1875-1944 2
Morgan, Angela 2
National Council of Women of the United States 2
Nayar, Sushila, 1914-2001 2
Park, Alice Locke 2
People's Council of America for Democracy and Peace 2
Pye, Edith M. (Edith Mary) 2
Ramondt-Hirschmann, Cor 2
Scholarly Resources Inc. 2
Sheepshanks, Mary, 1872-1958 2
Starr, Ellen Gates 2
Steffens, Dorothy R. 2
Vernon, Mabel 2
Wald, Lillian D., 1867-1940 2
Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924 2
Winsor, Mary, 1869-1956 2
Witherspoon, Frances, 1886-1973 2
Woolley, Mary Emma, 1863-1947 2
Young Democracy (Organization) 2
Abbott, Edith, 1876-1957 1
Abbott, Mary, pacifist 1
Accra Assembly (Organization) 1
Addams, John Huy, 1822?-1881 1
Albizu Campos, Pedro, 1891-1965 1
Albright, William A. 1
Alliance universelle des femmes pour la paix par l'éducation 1
American Association of University Women 1
American Association of University Women. International Relations Committee 1
American Friends Service Committee 1
American Friends Service Committee. Peace Section 1
American Neutral Conference Committee 1
American Peace League 1
American Woman's Republic 1
American Women for Peace 1
Another Mother for Peace (Association) 1
Art for World Friendship (Organization) 1
Augspurg, Anita, 1857-1943 1
Aull, Maria 1
Avedon, Barbara 1
Axelrod, Beverly 1
Babcock, Caroline L. (Caroline Lexow), 1882- 1
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