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Society of Friends -- New York (State) -- Saratoga County

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 15 Collections and/or Records:

Adirondack Friends Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-A293
Overview Records of Adirondack Friends Meeting, 1985-ongoing. Includes: membership Records 1952-1990 & ca. 1893-1993; newsletters, 1985-1989.
Dates: ca. 1893-1995

Clark's Corners Friends' Church Records

Identifier: QM-NY-C519
Overview Records of Clark's Corners Friends' Church and its predecessor, Moreau Preparative Meeting, 1854-1899 and 1911. Includes men's and joint minutes.
Dates: 1854-1911

Easton and Saratoga Half Yearly Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-E378
Overview Records of Easton and Saratoga Half Yearly Meeting (1927-1986) and its predecessors, Easton Half Yearly (Hicksite: 1924-27), Easton & Granville Half Yearly (1898-1924), Easton and Saratoga Quarterly (1871-1898), Easton Quarterly (Hicksite: 1828-1871), Easton Quarterly (1795-1828), and Saratoga Quarterly (Hicksite: 1828-71). Includes: Minutes, (men's and joint), 1793-1985, women's minutes, 1793-1884, and minutes of the Quarterly Meeting of Ministers and Elders, 1793-1871.
Dates: 1793-1986

Galway Monthly Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-G375
Overview Records of Galway Monthly Meeting (Orthodox) and its predecessor, 1820-1836. Includes: Men's & women's minutes, 1820-1836, and vital Records 1828.
Dates: 1820-1836

Galway Monthly Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-G373
Overview Records of Galway Monthly Meeting (Hicksite) and its predecessor, 1802-1865. Includes: Minutes 1828-1865; women's minutes, 1802-1865; Ministers and Elders minutes, 1852-1862; Register, 1850-1861, Correspondence 1932-53.
Dates: 1802-1865

Galway Preparative Meeting (Hicksite) Records

Identifier: QM-NY-G377
Overview Records of Galway Preparative Meeting (Hicksite), 1797-1861. Includes: Minutes 1797-1861.
Dates: 1815-1861

Greenfield Monthly Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-G795
Overview Records of Greenfield Monthly Meeting (Orthodox) and its predecessor, Milton Monthly Meeting (Orthodox), 1828-55. Includes: Minutes 1828-1855.
Dates: 1828-1855

Half Moon Preparative Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-H339
Overview Records of Half Moon Preparative Meeting (Orthodox) and its pre-Separation predecessor, 1801-1840. Includes: Minutes (men's), 1801-1836, and women's minutes, 1801-1840.
Dates: 1801-1840

Milton and Greenfield Preparative Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-M597
Overview Records of Milton and Greenfield Preparative Meeting (Hicksite) and its predecessors Milton Preparative Meeting (Hicksite) and Greenfield Preparative Meeting (Hicksite), 1829-1855.
Dates: 1829-1855

Northern Quarterly Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-N696
Overview Records of Northern Quarterly, Glens Falls Quarterly (Orthodox), Easton Quarterly (Orthodox) and Saratoga Quarterly (Orthodox) Meetings. Includes: Minutes, 1828-64, 1867-77, 1912-48 & 1979-86; Ministers and Elders minutes, 1828-1947. Volume containing Men's minutes, 1867-77, also includes Women's minutes, 1828-1835, of Easton Quarterly Meeting.
Dates: 1828-1986