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Society of Friends -- New York (State) -- Erie County

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 11 Collections and/or Records:

Boston Preparative Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-B615
Overview Includes: Men's minutes, 1813-1850 and 1850-1876; women's minutes, 1843-1867 and 1867-1887 (includes joint minutes)
Dates: 1813-1887

Buffalo Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-B835
Overview Records of Buffalo Meeting of the Society of Friends, 1914-1931. Includes: Minutes 1923-1931; Treasurer's Book, 1914-1931.
Dates: 1914-1931

Buffalo Monthly Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-B837
Overview Records of Buffalo Monthly Meeting and of the Buffalo Niagara Friends Group, 1939-ongoing. Includes: Minutes 1939-1970, Ministry & Counsel Clerk's files, 1960-69, Newsletter, 1946-73, 1982-87 and 1990-95, and miscellaneous records.
Dates: 1939-1995

Buffalo Preparative Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-B839
Overview Records of Buffalo Preparative Meeting (Hicksite). Includes: Minutes, 1876-1898.
Dates: 1876-1898

Collins Monthly Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-C633
Overview Records of Collins Monthly Meeting (Hicksite), 1828-1851. Includes: Minutes 1828-1850, women's minutes, 1828-1851, Register 1814-1832 (includes Eden Monthly Meeting), and births & deaths, 1829-32.
Dates: 1814-1851

Collins Monthly Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-C635
Overview Records of Collins Monthly Meeting and its predecessors, Collins Monthly Meeting (Orthodox and pre-Separation), Concord Monthly Meeting, and Hamburgh Monthly Meeting (Orthodox), 1820-ongoing. Includes: Minutes of Concord, Collins (Orthodox), and Collins Monthly Meeting, 1820-1964/2000-20011, minutes of Hamburgh Monthly Meeting (Orthodox), 1828-1846, vital records of Collins Monthly Meeting including births, deaths and marriages, 1841-1945, marriages and removals, 1832-65, and a membership...
Dates: 1820-2013

Collins Preparative Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-C639
Overview Records of Collins Preparative Meeting (Orthodox), 1828-1879. Includes: Minutes 1828-1879, women's minutes, 1857-1874, and financial Records 1845-1858.
Dates: 1828-1879

East Hamburg Preparative Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-E327
Overview Records of East Hamburg Preparative Meeting and of its predecessor, Hamburg Preparative Meeting (Hicksite) and Hamburg Preparative Meeting (pre-Separation), 1817-1906. Includes: Men's, women's, and joint minutes, 1817-1906, and a treasurer's book, 1896-1905.
Dates: 1817-1906

Farmington Quarterly Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-F357
Overview Records of Farmington Quarterly Meeting and its predecessors, 1810-1974. Includes: Men's, women's & joint minutes, 1810-1974, Ministers and Elders minutes, 1810-1940, and Bible School Conference, 1894-1916.
Dates: 1810-1974

North Collins Preparative Meeting (Hicksite) Records

Identifier: QM-NY-N627
Overview Records of North Collins Preparative Meeting of Friends (Hicksite) and its predecessor, Collins Preparative Meeting (Hicksite), 1840-1877. Includes: Men's & women's minutes, 1840-1877.
Dates: 1840-1877