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Society of Friends -- New York (State) -- Monroe County

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 12 Collections and/or Records:

Elmira Preparative Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-E477
Overview Records of Elmira Preparative Meeting, 1844-1846. Includes: Women's Minutes, 1844-1846.
Dates: 1844-1846

Farmington Executive Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-F333
Overview Records of Farmington Executive meeting of Friends (Hicksite), and its predecessor, Farmington Monthly Meeting (Hicksite), 1787-1857. Includes: minutes (men's & joint), 1828-1927, women minutes, 1803-15 & 1818-53; vital records including births & deaths, 1787-1957, births, daaths, marriages & removals, 1828-67, and a register, 1828-67; minutes of Ministers and Elders, 1879-1913.
Dates: 1787-1957

Farmington Quarterly Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-F357
Overview Records of Farmington Quarterly Meeting and its predecessors, 1810-1974. Includes: Men's, women's & joint minutes, 1810-1974, Ministers and Elders minutes, 1810-1940, and Bible School Conference, 1894-1916.
Dates: 1810-1974

Henrietta Preparative Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-H477
Overview Records of Henrietta Preparative Meeting (Hicksite) and its pre-Separation predecessor, 1825-1848. Includes: Men's minutes, 1825-48, and women's minutes, 1828-1848.
Dates: 1825-1848

Mendon Preparative Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-M457
Overview Records of Mendon Preparative Meeting, 1833-1914. Includes minutes men's and joint, 1833-1914, women's minutes, 1833-1869, Property dispute correspondence, 1955, and New York Supreme Court decisions, 1956-57.
Dates: 1833-1914

Rochester Executive Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-R633
Overview Records of Rochester Executive Meeting, 1825-1956. Includes men's, women's and joint minutes 1825-1916; vital records 1769-1915; Ministers' and Elders' minutes 1862-1913; and financial and property records, 1936-1956.
Dates: 1769-1916

Rochester Monthly Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-R635
Overview Records of Rochester Monthly Meeting, 1828-1901. Includes men's and women's minutes, 1828-1901; Ministers' and Elders' minutes 1831-1866.
Dates: 1828-1901

Rochester Monthly Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-R631
Overview Records of Rochester Monthly Meeting, 1944-ongoing. Includes: minutes 1944-2010, with index for 1936-2000; membership lists 1936-1956 and 1981-1989; scrapbooks 1819-1997; a guest book, 1980-90; newsletters, 1957-, and miscellaneous histories, 1999 and 2005.
Dates: 1936-2010

Rochester Preparative Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-R639
Overview Records of Rochester Preparative Meeting, 1828-1900. Includes men's & joint minutes 1828-46 & 1860-1900; women's minutes 1828-73.
Dates: 1828-1900

Rochester Preparative Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-R637
Overview Records of Rochester Preparative Meeting, 1821-1896. Includes: men's minutes, 1821-79; women's minutes, 1840-80; and joint minutes, 1879-96.
Dates: 1821-1896