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Society of Friends -- Vermont -- Addison County

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 12 Collections and/or Records:

Creek Preparative Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-C739
Overview Records of Creek Preparative Meeting in Bristol, Vermont, 1825-1838. Includes: Men's Minutes 1825-1838.
Dates: 1825-1838

Ferrisburgh Monthly Meeting (Hicksite) Records

Identifier: QM-NY-F453
Overview Records of Ferrisburgh Monthly Meeting (Hicksite) and its predecessors, 1801-1846. Includes minutes, 1801-1846, women's minutes, 1828-1846, and a register, 1829-1846.
Dates: 1801-1846

Ferrisburgh Monthly Meeting (Orthodox) Records

Identifier: QM-NY-F455
Overview Records of Ferrisburgh Monthly Meeting (Orthodox) and its predecessors, 1801-1916. Includes minutes, 1828-1867, women's minutes, 1801-1877, a register, ca. 1885-1916, an abstract of marriage intentions and dealings, 1801-1850, minutes of the meeting of Ministers & Elders, and an account book, 1811-1912.
Dates: 1801-1916

Ferrisburgh Preparative Meeting of Friends (Hicksite) Records

Identifier: QM-NY-F457
Overview Includes: men's minutes, 1816-1844, women's minutes, 1793-1844, a removal, and treasurer's receipts 1826-39.
Dates: 1793-1844

Ferrisburgh Quarterly Meeting (Orthodox) Records

Identifier: QM-NY-F477
Overview Records of Ferrisburgh Quarterly Meeting (Orthodox) and its pre-Separation predecessor, 1810-1894. Includes: Men's & women's minutes, 1810-1894; Ministers and Elders Records 1815-1886.
Dates: 1810-1894

Ferrisburgh Quarterly Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-F473
Overview Records of Ferrisburgh Quarterly Meeting (Hicksite), 1829-1847. Includes: Ministers and Elders minutes, 1829-1847.
Dates: 1829-1847

Lincoln Preparative Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-L555
Overview Records of Lincoln Preparative Meeting, 1852-1871. Includes: Minutes (men's), 1857-1871; women's minutes, 1852-1866.
Dates: 1852-1871

Monkton Monthly Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-M623
Overview Records of Monkton Monthly Meeting, 1986-1997. Includes minutes, 1986-1993, and financial records 1988-1997.
Dates: 1986-1997

Monkton Ridge Preparative Meeting Records

Identifier: QM-NY-M629
Overview Records of Monkton Ridge Preparative Meeting (Orthodox and pre-Separation), 1801-1913. Includes Men's and joint minutes, 1801-1902, Women's minutes, 1801-1862, Pastoral Committee minutes, 1906-1913, Finance and Property records, 1878-1919, and Register 1888-1975.
Dates: 1801-1913