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Humanistic commonplace book, 1425 - 1450

Identifier: Gordan MS 33


Table of contents: Francesco Barbaro, De re uxoria, with prefatory letter to Lorenzo di Giovanni de' Medici; Unidentified poem followed by several quotations on the subjects of women and marriage; Guarino Veronese, Regulae Grammaticales; Unidentified text; Part of an unidentified text (a Poggio letter?) which begins incompletely and a letter from Poggio Bracciolini to Mariano Sozzini which ends incompletely; Poggio, Invectiva contra Perrotum, ends incompletely; Leonardo Bruni, letter to Poggio Bracciolini; Leonardo Bruni, Life of Aristotle; Johannes Goslubsky Polonus, letter to Gaspar Caput Bovis; Albert of Cremona, letter to Gaspar Caput Bovis; Anonymous (perhaps Lucas de Sussicz), Oration in praise of Bologna; Johannes Garzanus, letter to Bernardo Justiano; Anonymous graduation speech given at Bologna; An oration on Aristotles' de Anima ends incompletely; Continuation of Poggio's Invectiva contra Perrotum; Opening lecture given by Baptista Guarino, professor at Bologna, on Cicero's Rhetoric; Graduation speech given by a student; Speech given by Petrus Insulanus Senensis congratulating the legate at Bologna, Bessarion. This speech is repeated without the heading on f. 80r-v; Miscellaneous excerpts; Anonymous (Augustinus Novellus Patavinus) oratio in laudem theologiae; Unidentified text; Unidentified text; Anon. (Lapus Castelliunculus), Alia graciarum accio; Graduation speech by a jurist, text is confused; Antonio Beccadelli, letter; Three anonymous letters; etter to the Bishop of Würzburg; Oratio Demosthenis ad Alexandrum, translated by Leonardo Bruni; Roglerius Comitis, letter to Galeazzo Maria Sforza and reply; Series of maxims on love and fortune; Unidentified text; Two letters by Antonius Astesanus, the first to Antonius Miroli, the second to Laurenzo Valla; Oration in praise of theology; Scholastic disputation; Description of King Ladislaus by Pius II; Unidentified text; Two unidentified letters; Two letters by Pius II, one to Giovanni Aurispa and the other to Giovanni Peregallo; Anonymous oration; Anonymous oration; Two unidentified texts; Ps. Petrarch, Aronus et Marina; Petrarch, The History of Griselda, missing ending; Anonymous letter; Oration on death; Funeral oration by Francesco Filelfo on Stefano Frederico Todeschini; Two anonymous letters; Two letters by Gasparino Barzizii one to Nicolaus Bishop of Bologna, the other to Thomasius Mazarellus; Letter from Leonardo Bruni to Nicolo Niccoli; Exempla exordium for letters; Anonymous letter to Giovanni Lamole; Letter from Carlo Aretino Marsuppini to Giovanni Lamole; Ancient epigrams and epitaphs; Jerome, Epistola 11, De honorandis parentis, copied in Bologna 1459; Oration by Pius II. (Original title transcription corrected by Dr. Michael Cotta-Schønberg.); Oration by Giovanni Lamole delivered in Bologna; Oration by Gabriel Thegalcius on the death of Giovanni Lamole; Apocryphal letters attributed to Jerome, Pliny, etc; Leonardo Bruni, excerpt from In hypocritas; Dialogue of Charon, translated by Rinuccio d'Arrezo; Anonymous dialogue; Declamation of a Venetian pilgrim: a dialogue between Albius and Lesbia; Geographical treatise of the world; Guarino Veronese, Life of Plato; Leonardo Bruni, letter to Hugo Senensis; Series of apocryphal letters between St. Paul and Seneca; Publilius Syrus, Sententiae here attributed to Seneca; Excerpt from Seneca.


  • Creation: 1425 - 1450


1 Volumes



Custodial History

Written in Bologna by four students, one of whom identifies himself as Lucas de Sussicz. According to Berthold L. Ullman, Petrarch Manuscripts in the United States (Padua, 1964) no. 63, this same Lucas in owned British Museum, Harl. 2678 in 1479. Previously in the library of Prince Alexander Furst Dietrichstein at Nikolsburg in Moravia. Obtained from Maggs by Walter S. Goodhart.

Other related names

  1. de Sussicz, Lucas, scribe
  2. von Mensdorff-Pouilly, Alexander, Prince von Dietrichstein zu Nikolsburg, former owner
  3. Maggs Bros. Ltd., bookseller
  4. Walter S. Goodhart, former owner
  5. Walter S. Goodhart, donor
  6. Gordan, Phyllis Goodhart, owner
  7. Gordan, John Dozier Jr., owner

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Given by Walter S. Gordan to Phyllis Goodhart Gordan and John Dozier Gordan, Jr.

Physical Description

Paper support (watermarks intermingled throughout: three hands holding objects all similar to Briquet Main 11614, and an unidentified letter N).

Original white deerskin over wooden boards; single square brass clasp on front depicts lamb of god, on back cover remnants of leather fastener. On paper label on spine: "II. 52"; Goodhart number 33 on smaller paper label glued to first label.

348 x 244 (213 x 154) mm

Most of this ms. is written in single columns with the exception of article 2 which is two columns. The lines range from 25-44 lines, with a variety of different rulings. Articles are bounded with single vertical and (usually, but not always) horizontal bounding lines, usually in lead (article 1 has double vertical lines). About half the text has been ruled, the other haft is unruled. Remains of prickings in all three outer margins.

Written in four different hands usually below the top line.

Occasional rubrication and simple 2-line initials in red.

Modern foliation.

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