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QM/NY. New York Yearly Meeting

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Identifier: QM/NY
New York Yearly Meeting was first held in 1696 as the Yearly Meeting at Flushing or Long Island, consisting essentially of the Flushing Quarterly Meeting that was set off from New England Yearly Meeting. It separated into Hicksite and Orthodox branches in 1828. The Hicksite branch suffered a Progressive (or Congregational) separation in 1846 when the larger body in Marlborough Monthly Meeting withdrew, later becoming the Friends of Human Progress. The Scipio, Farmington and Ferrisburgh Quarterly Meetings of the Orthodox Yearly Meeting further divided in 1847 in response to the Gurneyite/Wilburite separation in New England Yearly Meeting, leading to the organization in 1853 of the New York Yearly Meeting held at Poplar Ridge (generally called Primitive). During parts of the 19th century, New York Yearly Meeting included New York State, Northern New Jersey, southern Canada, western Vermont, and Michigan.