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Letters, 1942-46

 File — Box: 6

Scope and Contents

1942 ca. 60 items

Note: Letters begin with Allen's arrival in Chicago in January, in preparation for starting college at Antioch in Yellow Springs. A few letters are from Margaret

to Parents. 1942 2/1. A clear statement of his position on the war

to Mother. 1942 3/8. Would like to be part of a non-CPS pacifist group committed to living creative lives aimed at non-violent reconstruction or revolution

to Mother. 1942 4/22. Started a school for non-violent direct action

to Parents. 1942 6/23. Discusses his intention of marrying Margaret Borchardt

to Parents (from Margaret). 1942 10/26. Has decided to become a Friend

to Parents (from Margaret). 1942 8/28. Interest in Friends' work in Japanese internment camps -- necessity of love for all races, fighting intolerance, minorities' rights and thus maintenance of democracy

1943 ca. 60 items

Note: A few letters are from Margaret

to Mother. 1943 3/23. Will be starting a job with AFSC

to Parents. 1943 6/5 Interesting description of examinations for army status or "fitness for slaughter."

to Family. 1943 8/4. Working at the Eastern Cooperative League in New York and getting ready to leave for CPS Camp

to Family. Walhalla (Mich) CPS Camp, 1943 8/22. Some activities in the camp.

to Family. Walhalla, MI, 1943 9/9. Issues arising from work men are doing at the camp for which they are not compensated

to Family. Walhalla, MI, 1943 9/22. Has begun a survey of other CPS camps to determine the extent and kind of coop activity

to Parents. Camp Walhalla, 1943 10/17. Camp will be closing and people will be dispersed to other camps

to Parents. Camp Walhalla, 1943 10/23. Will be transferring to Lyons CPS camp, a mental hospital using C.O.s

to Parents. Sykesville, MD. 1943 11/11. A description of the Springfield State Hospital where he is working

to Parents. 1943 1/3l. Comparison of their views on Socialism and that of the Socialist Party.

to Paents. 1943 2/21. an idea, based on Louis Adamic's "Two-Way Passage' whereby 2nd generation Americans would return to their mother land to help reconstruction

1944 ca. 50 items

to Parents. 1944 1/8. Continues description of the mental hospital where he is working

to Parents. 1944 2/3. Attended International Cooperative Reconstruction conference in Washington

to Parents. 1944 4/9. Margaret will be working in a hospital on the t.b. ward .

to Family. Sykesville MD, 1944 9/17. Is considering sending part of his birthday money to the Socialist Party to help fund their broadcasts to American soldiers overseas

to Parents. Sykesville, MD, 1944 11/6. Margaret won a writing contest in the magazine Progress Guide. "Any pacifist who is willing to see our present economic-political arrangements which make up the driving forces of our civilization continue as they have in the past must accept war as an integral part of the future."

to Family. 1944 11/26. Reference to an institute (AFSC?) which will include many prominent people, including Haverford grad, William H. Chamberlin

1945 ca. 35 items

Note: Some letters from Margaret interfiled here

to Mother. 1945 5/15. Has been offered a job at the Bedford Street Center to start a co-op store and wants at the same time to work at Byberry Hospital

to Parents. Sykesville, MD, 1945 11/23. Has been offered job of Camp Director at Bowie, MD CPS camp #34 and he accepted.

to Parents. Sykesville, MD, 1945 1/2. Reports on a job at a refugee shelter that he did not get; architecture in Tampa, FL and murals being painted by his father-in-law, Norman Borchardt

to Family. 1945 3/4. First move after CPS. will be to get an M.A. in education from Columbia U.

1946 ca. 50 items

Note: Quite a number of letters from Margaret interfiled here while Allen busy with his studies

to Parents. Bowie, MD, 1946 3/18. Has received a T.Wistar Brown Fund grant

to Peggy ("Stasch") 1946 3/21. A letter to his baby about the world and her parents

to Parents. Bowie, MD, 1946 4/24. Re birth of daughter Peggy

to Parents. Dover MA, 1946 7/27. Have a place to live while he attends Harvard

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