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Box 10


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 Item — Box: 10, Folder: 1
Scope and Contents Letter writers include: Ladies' Home Journal, Alice C. Lebenworth, Sara M. Longstreth, E.J. Lylie, F.H.M., J.S.M., Julia Maier, Julia S. Maier, Rosine E. Maier, Caroline Miller, Isaac P. Miller, Anna Morris, C.W.M., Ellen Morris, H.P. Morris, Lydia Ellicott Morris, Marriott C. Morris, Mrs. [Catharine?] Wistar Morris [per Olive G. Graham], W.C. Newell, Mary Newhall.Some highlights include:Ladies' Home Journal, Needlework Department. Philadelphia, 1913 1/27. [re using...

Paul David Irwin Maier, 1906 - 1916

 Item — Box: 10, Folder: 2
Scope and Contents

Some highlights include:

Elkland, PA, 1906 12/1. ["En route to Williamsport & Phila.," 1906 12/4]

Philadelphia, 1913 4/15-4/23. [letters from P.D.I.M. while she is on vacation]

Dates: 1906 - 1916


 Item — Box: 10, Folder: 3
Scope and Contents Letter writers include: Agnes Palmer, Anna Palmer, Ellen Peabody, Esther Permar, Mary K. Perot, Mary William Perot, Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting, Philadelphia Society for the Employment and Instruction of the Poor, Lydia Pike, Mary S. Pirot, Alice W. Pitman, Jennie H. Poole, Helen M. Randall, Rachel C. Reene, Lydia Richards, David R. Richie, Lucy B. Roberts, Thomas J. Rogers, Mary K. Rountree, Catherine A. Rutz.Some highlights include:Agnes Palmer. Newton, PA,...


 Item — Box: 10, Folder: 4
Scope and Contents Letter writers include: Sarah A. Saunders, Anne Theodora Scattergood, Caroline Scattergood, Maria C. Scattergood, Lucy C. Shelmin, E.M.S., J.T.S., Anna S. Shipley, Catharine M. Shipley, Mary Shipley, Susan Shipley, Lydia B. Smedley, Caroline W. Smedley, Harry A. Stine, Evelyn Sturge, E.R. Sturge, Eleanor A. Sutplen. Some highlights include: Anne Theodora Scattergood. 1907-1912. 2 items. 1907 10/4. [consolation on the death of father J.T.S.]Sarah A. Saunders....


 Item — Box: 10, Folder: 5
Scope and Contents Letter writers include: Daniel Test, Esther Thomas, Grace Thomas, James Tyson, Mary M. Vaux, Sarah M. Vaux, M.S. Wetherell, Mary Williams, Mary Wilson, Thelma Wilson, Asa S. Wing, E.C. Winn, Elizabeth Winn, Rebecca B. Wistar, Lilian Woolman, Carolena W. Wood, Emily "Lilly" H. Wood, James Wood, L. Hollingsworth Wood.Some highlights include:Daniel Test. Moylan, PA, 1918 4/23. [re A.S.M.'s article "Quietness in Life" published in The Friend]Mary M. Vaux....