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Box 61


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HJC Awards and Attendant Materials, 1899-1969

 File — Box: 61
Scope and Contents Including:Haverford College grades, 1899? Award of Doctor of Divinity at Glasgow University, 1937, Program, Order of Ceremony, Letters, Luncheon and program Certificate of Distinguished Service for preparation of Revised Standard Version Bible from National Council of Churches, 1957 Award of Merit from William Penn Charter School Alumni Society, 1957 Doctor of Humane Letters from Howard University, 1959 6/15, Commencement program, Citation, Trustee dinner and program, Photograph of HJC with...
Dates: 1899-1969

Genealogical and Biographical Materials

 File — Box: 61
Scope and Contents

Materials include: Cadbury, Head, Kaign, Shinn, Warder family charts, including notes on the Cadbury family tree and 17th century English Cadburys Pedigrees Chronologies of events Reflections, letters, obituaries on the death of Emma Cadbury

Miscellaneous Biographical Materials, 1890-1983

 File — Box: 61
Scope and Contents Passports; courses HJC took at Harvard; information on the Cadbury family in England; HJC’s notes on the manifestations of his depression; list of honorary degrees HJC received; courses in the graduate program in religion at Temple University, 1963-66 when HJC taught there; HJC birth certificate Reminiscence by Morton Enslin on the last class taught by HJC at Pendle Hill; Joy in Living / HJC; BMC memorial minute for HJC prepared by J. Edgar Rhoads; Biographical sketch of HJC by EBB; memorial...
Dates: 1890-1983

History of the Jacob Family, 1965

 File — Box: 61
Scope and Contents

A history by Caroline Nicholson Jacob [1965?] of the Jacob Family in England, Ireland and America. 54 p.

Dates: 1965

Letters from HJC, 1892-1901

 File — Box: 61
Scope and Contents

These letters are to his family and include four from Haverford College. In one of these two, he mentions Rufus Jones speaking of spiritual hunger and a cricket game; in another, of playing tennis with W[illiam] P[yle] Philips

Dates: 1892-1901

Letters from HJC, 1903-1904

 File — Box: 61
Scope and Contents These letters were written while at Harvard Graduate School and are to his family. The leaves are numbered consecutively to 108. HJC reports from his first lecture on philosophy by Dr. Palmer, and further with descriptions of classes, coursework and buildings, as well as sports (tennis, cricket, club swinging), music (mandolin), attending religious services, writing his thesis (Sophocles and Matthew Arnold) friends and entertainment and daily life. A few papers have been laid in. In between...
Dates: 1903-1904

Letters from HJC, 1904-1906

 File — Box: 61
Scope and Contents These are letters to his family, beginning with his first days in Chicago to take up his new teaching position at University Latin School, giving specifics about classes and his own work for them, describing the appearance of his boarding house rooms and the various people who live in them; also attending Meeting, Bible class, daily life, playing tennis and football, Friends and friends. In September of 1905, his letters describe his teaching duties at Westtown, as well as his spare time....
Dates: 1904-1906

Letters from HJC, 1912

 File — Box: 61
Scope and Contents

The 1912 letters were written to family, including Rufus Jones, while on a trip to Switzerland where HJC vacationed in the Alps. Highlights include: To Mother. Valais, Switzerland. 1912 9/12. [while waiting for weather to clear, looks back and reflects on his visit to Jordans and Kendal in England and the latter’s significance to Quakerism where he met Violet Hodgkin and Neave Brayshaw]

Dates: 1912

Letters from HJC, 1920

 File — Box: 61
Scope and Contents These are letters primarily from Germany to report on the work and AFSC personnel involved in relief operations, as well as people he met (including Rufus Jones and Wilbur Thomas); trip to London to attend the All-Friends Conference and give a talk and then to Jordans for Young Friends Conference in August 1920. At least in part, they are written as a diary and meant to be retained To Lydia. On board SS Rotterdam, 1920 6/10. [after conversation with Wilbur Thomas and Rufus Jones, believes he...
Dates: 1920

Letters from HJC, 1940-1974

 File — Box: 61
Scope and Contents In the summer of 1940, HJC spent that August with AFSC and he wrote frequently to his daughter, Elizabeth, and to Lydia, on various family events. In the section of n.d. letters are a number of letters from HJC to editors of Friends periodicals on a variety of Quaker topics. Some letters are also written by LCC. Highlights include: To Elizabeth [Jones]. Cambridge, 1947 12/20. [refers to and describes trip to Oslo and events relating to award of Nobel Prize to AFSC, noting that...
Dates: 1940-1974