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Box 6


Contains 15 Results:


 File — Box: 6, Folder: 13
Scope and Contents

  • Woolman, Edward
  • Woolman, Edward W
  • Woolman, Harry N
  • Woolman, Lydia
  • Woolman, Rebecca S
  • Woolman, Edward & Lily W & Lydia
  • Woolman, Edward & Rebecca & Henry
  • Woolman, Henry
  • Woolman, Josephine
  • Woolman, Mary & Henry Jr
  • Woolman, Uriah


 File — Box: 6, Folder: 14
Scope and Contents

  • Wright, Ellen C
  • Wright, Eleanor
  • Wright, James A
  • Wright, Joseph
  • Wright, Phebe J
  • Yarnall, Ellis
  • Yarnall, Margaret Anne (Harrison)
  • Yarnall, Amy
  • Yarnall, Caroline R
  • Yarnall, Caroline C
  • Yarnall, Eleanor T
  • Yarnall, Francis C
  • Yarnall, Lucy
  • Yarnall, Mary D


 File — Box: 6, Folder: 15
Scope and Contents

  • Young, Edward
  • Zelley, Amos A
  • Zelley, Chalkley B
  • Zelley, Edith
  • Zelley, Howard
  • Zelley, Mark
  • Zelley, Sarah E
  • Zolleckoffer, Henry M


 File — Box: 6, Folder: 1
Scope and Contents Portrait of Taylor, Amy D. undated Portrait of Taylor, George. undated Portrait of Taylor, Thomas Chalkey. undated Portraits of Taylor, Thomas B and Elizabeth (Savery) (3 items). 1879, 1880, and 1897 Portrait of Tebbets, Imelda from newspaper clipping. undated Phonotype of Temple, JE by Gutekunst, F. undated Photograph of Quaker Wedding of Test, Daniel D. and Mary Conard at Landsdowne Meeting. 1937 Portrait...


 File — Box: 6, Folder: 5
Scope and Contents Portraits of Truman, George, including one from "The Monthly Review" volume 1 number 4 1883 and another from "Friends' Intelligencer and Journal" of him in 1856 (4 items). undated Photograph of Truth, Sojourner "The Libyan Sibyl". 1975 Portrait of Tyson, Elisha (1749-1824). undated Portrait of Tyson, Isaac G. undated Portrait of Updegraff, Jonathan T. undated Portrait of Updegraff, Rebecca T....


 File — Box: 6, Folder: 2
Scope and Contents Portraits of Thomas, Deborah C (3 items). undated Portrait of Thomas, John C. circa 1800 Portrait of Thomas, Dr. Joseph. undated Portrait of Thomas, Martha Carey. undated Portrait of Thomas, Margaret. undated Portrait of Thomas, Mary H from newspaper clipping. undated Portraits of Thomas, Philip E (2 items). undated Portrait of Thomas, Richard Henry from newspaper clipping. undated Portrait of...


 File — Box: 6, Folder: 3
Scope and Contents

  • Portriat of Thorne, Jonathan from engraving by Hall, C. B. undated
  • Portrait of Thorne, Phebe Anna (1828-1909). undated
  • Portrait of Thorpe, Edwin. undated
  • Portrait of Tibbetts, Charles E. undated
  • Portrait of Tierney, Agnes L. undated
  • Portrait of Tobey, Caroline. 1866
  • Portrait of Tobey, Lydia A. 1874
  • Portrait of Tobey, Sarah F. undated

Tomlinson-Truman, Catherine

 File — Box: 6, Folder: 4
Scope and Contents

  • Portrait of Tomlinson, Ephraim Jr. undated
  • Portrait of Townsend, Mercie S. undated
  • Portrait of Townsend, Samuel. undated
  • Portrait of Trimble, George T. undated
  • Portrait of Troth, Henry. undated
  • Portrait of Troth, Samuel F. undated
  • Portrait of Trotter, Mary J. 1869
  • Portrait ofTrueblood, Benjamin F. undated
  • Portrait of Truman, Catherine. undated

Varney-Warder family

 File — Box: 6, Folder: 6
Scope and Contents Portrait of Varney, Eliza H (2 copies), including poem by Varney, Levi. 1888 Portrait of Varney, Isaac. undated Silhouette of Vaux, Eliza H, and children (2 items). 1843 Portrait of Vaux, Roberts. undated Photograph of Wales, William (1818-1902). undated Negative Slide of Walton, Bernard. 1953 Winifred, [Mary?] Wanton, Joseph Silhouettes of Warder family from a small book of...

Warder, John-Webb, Rebecca Turner

 File — Box: 6, Folder: 7
Scope and Contents

  • Portrait of Warder, John & Ann (Head). undated
  • Portrait of Watson, Barclay S. undated
  • Portrait of Watson, James V in 1893 publication of "The Saturday Review and Republic". undated
  • Portrait of Weaver, Ann. undated
  • Portrait of Webb, Elizabeth. 1898
  • Portraits of Webb, Rebecca (Turner) (2 items). undated