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Letters to Anna Shipley Cox Brinton, O-P, 1907-1966

 File — Box: 2C
Scope and Contents Letter writers include: Harriette Odell?, John Oliver, Agnes Durand-Gadselin, Elizabeth Owen, Concha Palacios, Helen A. Passmore, Pendle Hill, Hannah S. Pennell, Teresina Peregrina, Irene Pickard, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, Louise Powelson, Carl Prausnitz, Margot Prausnitz, Otto Prausnitz, Anne Price, Provident Trust Co., Grace Putnam. Oliver, John. Gastonville, Algeria [on teaching in Ramallah and the implications of leaving his post in Algeria], 1966 March 31; Owen, Elizabeth. San...
Dates: 1907-1966

Letters to Anna Shipley Cox Brinton, R, 1921, undated

 File — Box: 2C
Scope and Contents

Letter writers include: Clara Eliot Raup, Jane Reid, Religiose Gesellschaft der Freunde (Quaker) (V. Tillard), T.S. Resarnaud?, Mildred Reynolds, Grace Rhoads, J. Robert, Rymond P. Roberts, Elizabeth Rogers. Highlights include: Religious Gesellschaft der Quaker (Violet Tillard). Berlin. 5 items [March 22, 1921: handing over their work to the World Student Christian Movement [business issues of the joint committee; work of the feeding program, 1921, undated

Dates: 1921, undated

Letters to Anna Shipley Cox Brinton, S, 1918-1967

 File — Box: 2C
Scope and Contents Letter writers include: Maria Scattergood, Alfred Scattergood, Rose Schneider, Karl Schwabach, Wally Scott, William Scranton, Elliot Sedgwick, Suzanne Sein, Harriet Sheldon, Dorothy Shipley, Mary Shipley, Mary F. Shoemaker, Florence Sidwell, Joseph Silver, Mary H. Smith, Mary Morgan Smith, Susan Gower Smith, Lin Snow, Social Order Committee, Margaret Soden, Elfriede Sollman, Friedrich Spiegelberg, St. Petersburg (Fl.) Friends Meeting, Percy Stanger, Stanford University, Anna Doan Stephene,...
Dates: 1918-1967

Letters to Anna Shipley Cox Brinton, T-We, 1921-1964

 File — Box: 2C
Scope and Contents Takahashi, Tane. M.S. Gripsholm [refugees on board, many of whom will get off in E. Africa, 1942 July 18; Underhill, Wanda. Freemont, California [would Anna Shipley Cox Brinton consider allowing Peacock Press to reissue her book on Vergil], 1964 October 11; United War Chest. Philadelphia [Anna Shipley Cox Brinton has contributed $25 to the United War Chest], 1943 December 21; Washburn, Jessica. San Jose, California [all the ways in which Anna Shipley Cox Brinton will be missed when she moves...
Dates: 1921-1964

Letters to Anna Shipley Cox Brinton, Wh-Z, 1915-1921

 File — Box: 2C
Scope and Contents Letter writers include: Phebe White, Norman Whitney, Mary Wildman, Dorothy Willis, J. Somerville Willis, Wilmington College, Helene Wilson, Mary Ida Winder, Mary Woods, Richard Wood, Lida Yocum, Norman E. Young, Dorothea Zukiarelli. Willis, Dorothy. Toronto [Somerville has joined the fighting, though Brethren do not approve of fighting any more than Friends, though she understands; witness to some events in Paris while taking a course], 1915 May; Zukiarelli, Dorothea. Berlin. 2...
Dates: 1915-1921