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Box 8


Contains 16 Results:

Fry, Richard-Gott

 File — Box: 8, Folder: 1
Scope and Contents Portrait of Fry, Richard. 1871 Portrait of Fry, Sophia. 1873 Portrait of Fry, Sophia M and Anna S. undated Portraits of Fry, Theodore, including a newspaper clipping and a photograph (2 items). Photograph taken in 1873 Portrait of Fry, Theodore. undated Portrait of Fry, Walker R. undated Portrait of Fryer, Alfred (-1892) at age 62. undated Portrait of Gillet, George (2 items). undated Portrait...

Graham-Gurney, Elizabeth S

 File — Box: 8, Folder: 2
Scope and Contents Portrait of Graham, William from clipping. undated Portrait of Grubb, Edward including two newspaper clippings from "The British Friend" and a post card. undated Portrait of Gurney, Catharine. undated Portrait of Gurney, Daniel. undated Portraits of Gurney, Elizabeth, including two silhouettes at age 18 (6 items). undated Portraits of Gurney, Eliza, including a tintype (3 items). undated Portrait of Gurney,...

Gurney, Hannah M-Gurney, W B

 File — Box: 8, Folder: 3
Scope and Contents Portraits of Gurney, Hannah [Middleton] (2 items). undated Portrait of Gurney, Joseph John. undated Portrait of Gurney, John (1688-1740). undated Portrait of Gurney, Joseph (1692-1750). undated Portrait of Gurney, Priscilla. undated Portrait of Gurney, Rachel. undated Portrait of Gurney, Richenda (Cunningham). undated Portraits of Gurney, Samuel, including portrait from "The Illustrated London...


 File — Box: 8, Folder: 4
Scope and Contents Portrait of Hack, Fanny. undated Portrait of Hack, Martha from clipping. undated Portrait of Hack, Mary (Pryor). undated Portrait of Hammon, Nellie (Prescott). 1854 Portrait of Hancock, Thomas from clipping. undated Portraits of Harris, Isabella, including a silhouette (2 items). undated Portrait of Harris, John Tindall. undated Portriat of Harvey, Thomas. undated Portrait of Haughton, Jonathan...

Heath-Hodgkin, Ann

 File — Box: 8, Folder: 5
Scope and Contents Photograph of Heath, Carl (1869-1950) and Ellie. 1934 Photograph and post card of Heath, Carl (1869-1950) . undated Silhouette of Helton, John (1722-1817) (3 copies). undated Portrait of Hermon, Philip. undated Portrait of Hilton, Maria. undated Portrait of Hine, John Green. undated Portrait of Hoare, Louisa. undated Portraits of Hodgkin, Alfred, including one at age 7 in 1861 (2 items) Portrait...

Hodgkin, Elizabeth-Hodgkin, Jonathan Backhouse

 File — Box: 8, Folder: 6
Scope and Contents Portraits of Hodgkin, Elizabeth, including a silhouette, a lightly painted portrait, and a portrait taken in 1870 (3 items). Portraits of Hodgkin, Ellen, including one taken in 1869 and another taken at an earlier unknown date (2 items). Portrait of Hodgkin, Howard. 1861 Portrait of Hodgkin, John (2 copies). 1867 Portrait of Hodgkin, John Eliot. undated Portrait of Hodgkin, Jonathan Backhouse. undated Portrait of...

Hodgkin, Thomas-Hutchinson

 File — Box: 8, Folder: 7
Scope and Contents Portraits of Hodgkin, Thomas (1798-1866[?]), including two newspaper clippings (4 items). undated Portrait of Hodgkin, Wilfred H at age 10 and 20 (2 items). 1861 and 1871 Portrait of Hodgson, Mary. 1835 Portrait of Holmes, William. undated Portrait of Hooper, Geraldine. undated Portrait of Horsnaill, Alfred E. (1856-1936) from newspaper clipping of "The Friend" London. 1936 Portrait of Howson, Dean (-1885),...


 File — Box: 8, Folder: 8
Scope and Contents

  • Portrait of Jacob, [James?] W. undated
  • Portrait of James, Charlotte. 1868
  • Portrait of James, Edith A. 1868
  • Portrait of James, Edward. 1868
  • Portrait of James, Edward H. 1868
  • Portrait of Jeffrey Russell. undated
  • Portrait of Johnson, William and Lucy, including two copies from newspaper clippings (3 copies). 1895
  • Silhouette of Joshua, William. 1846


 File — Box: 8, Folder: 9
Scope and Contents Portrait of Kelsey, John in 1690 (4 copies). undated Portrait of Kemp, Caleb Rickman from clipping. undated Silhouette of Kilham, Hannah (Spurr). undated Portrait of King, John (1786-1870), Mrs. John [?] (-1874), John, Mrs. John [?] (-1892). undated Portrait of King, Heny (1821), Mary, William S, Henrietta. undated Portraits of Knowles, Mrs. [?] (1733-1807) from clippings (2 items). undated Portrait of Leatharn,...


 File — Box: 8, Folder: 10
Scope and Contents

  • Portraits of Lilburne, Colonel John (9 items). undated
  • Portrait of Linney, Albert from newspaper clipping. undated
  • Portrait of Lister, Joseph (1786-1869) from "Nature". 1896
  • Portrait of Lister, Thomas. undated
  • Portrait of Lister, Ann (Bradley). undated
  • Portrait of Longstreth, H. undated