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Mott, Lucretia to Wright, Martha, Roadside, 1860 11mo 16

 Item — Box: 2
Identifier: A00181976
Scope and Contents 4 pages. After listing events she has recently attended, letters she has recently sent, and her duties making and mending textiles, Lucretia Mott gives her sister news about friends and relatives. Much of the letter discusses Caroline Chase Stratton Wood and her divorce, including allusions to her husband's "inhuman" treatment of her. Other topics mentioned include the difficulties sectarianism poses to interfaith cooperation among activists; getting photographs for a (antislavery?) fair; John...
Dates: 1860 11mo 16

Mott, Lucretia to Wright, Martha, Roadside, 1860 11mo 27

 Item — Box: 2
Identifier: A00181977
Scope and Contents 4 pages. Lucretia Mott tells her sister about various topics, including a recent trip she took with her husband to attend meetings; Henry Ward Beecher's "Young America" lecture and his comments on the South on the eve of Secession; and a conference of Philadelphia and Baltimore Quakers to establish a Hicksite boarding school (which eventually became Swarthmore College). Written from Roadside.Subjects: Mott, Lucretia, 1793-1880; Beecher, Henry Ward, 1813-1887; Swarthmore College;...
Dates: 1860 11mo 27

Mott, Lucretia to Wright, Martha, 1860 12mo

 Item — Box: 2
Identifier: A00181971
Scope and Contents 4 pages. Fragment. Lucretia Mott discusses recent events concerning friends and family, including tension between her sister Martha Wright and others, Caroline Stratton Wood, men not offering women their seats, antislavery fairs, periodicals, clothing, several meals, and carpet balls.

Subjects: Mott, Lucretia, 1793-1880; Antislavery movements; Fairs; Stratton, Caroline Chase, -1879
Dates: 1860 12mo

Mott, Lucretia to Wright, Martha, 1860 12mo 20

 Item — Box: 2
Identifier: A00181980
Scope and Contents 2 pages. Fragment. Lucretia Mott discusses news of friends and family and quotes her granddaughter Anna Davis Hallowell's comments on the life and death of Mary Mott, Lucretia's niece. She also very briefly mentions William Emerson, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Caroline Dall, and possibly Wendell Phelps.

Subjects: Mott, Lucretia, 1793-1880; Death; Hallowell, Anna Davis, 1838-
Dates: 1860 12mo 20

Mott, Lucretia to Cousins, Roadside, 1860 12mo 28

 Item — Box: 2
Identifier: A00181981
Scope and Contents 4 pages. Written from Roadside. Lucretia Mott asks her cousins for news and relays some of her own about family and friends, especially Caroline Chase Stratton Wood. Mott discusses Caroline's unhappy marriage and her divorce, her disagreements with her husband Charles P. Wood over parenting, and public sentiment about the case. Also discusses the death of Caroline's mother Ruth Bunker Chase. Subjects: Mott, Lucretia, 1793-1880; Personal correspondence; Confidential communications;...
Dates: 1860 12mo 28

Hallowell, Anna Davis to ?, 1861 ? ?

 Item — Box: 2
Identifier: A00182497
Scope and Contents 3 pages. Fragment. Spent time with Mrs. Child, most likely Lydia Maria Child, who shared her early experiences in the antislavery movement in order to inspire and prepare young abolitionists. Discusses Wendell Phillips and describes her reaction to one of his speeches. Mentions the Garrison family.Subjects: Child, Lydia Maria, 1802-1880; Phillips, Wendell, 1811-1884; Abolitionists; Antislavery movements; Speeches, addresses, etc.; Women abolitionistsRelevant locations:...
Dates: 1861 ? ?

Mott, Lucretia to ? ?, 1861 1mo 08

 Item — Box: 2
Identifier: A00181982
Scope and Contents 8 pages. Fragment, perhaps to Mott's sister Martha Coffin Wright. Date inferred. Mott discusses the funeral of her cousin Ruth Bunker Chase, her travel plans for the New York State Woman's Rights Convention in Albany, grief over a death of a relative, and other news of friends and family. She also discusses a sermon by Rachel Moore, notions of starting a Hicksite college, and essays on theology recently published in "The Atlantic."Subjects: Mott, Lucretia, 1793-1880; Congresses and...
Dates: 1861 1mo 08

Mott, Lucretia to Wright, Martha, Roadside, 1861 1mo 15

 Item — Box: 2
Identifier: A00181983
Scope and Contents 4 pages. Mott discusses the recent death of her cousin Ruth Bunker Chase, Chase's will, and other recent news about friends and family, including the education of some of her younger relatives. She also talks about current politics, including recent pieces by William Lloyd Garrison, Wendell Phillips, William Seward, and Maria Weston Chapman; whether her health will allow her to attend the approaching New York State Woman's Rights Convention in Albany; her esteem for the theology of Frederick...
Dates: 1861 1mo 15

Mott, Lucretia to Wright, Martha & Lord, Martha, Roadside, 1861 3mo 19-21

 Item — Box: 2
Identifier: A00181984
Scope and Contents 3 pages. In addition to discussing recent news of family and friends, Mott talks briefly about secession, quotes and discusses a relative's remarks in favor of compensated emancipation, gives her opinions of Abraham Lincoln's inaugural address from an antislavery perspective, and quotes some comments on it from "The Bugle" and the "Principia." She also discusses Caroline Stratton's divorce and the illnesses of various children in the family. Written from Roadside."When Lincoln and...
Dates: 1861 3mo 19-21