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Mary B. Sharpless and Townsend Sharpless correspondence, 1817-1819

 File — Box: 2
Scope and Contents Most letters are affectionate letters from Townsend in Philadelphia to his wife in Birmingham; also letters to Aunt Mary Jones with whom he has business relations, and letters from Samuel and Lydia Jones, Mary's parents.
Dates: 1817-1819

Mary B. Sharpless and Townsend Sharpless correspondence, n.d.

 File — Box: 2
Scope and Contents The bulk are addressed to Mary B. Jones, before her marriage. Includes ALsS from her parents, friends, and relations
Dates: n.d.

Letters to Mary B. Sharpless and Mary Jones, 1820-1828, n.d.

 File — Box: 2
Scope and Contents Most are letters from Townsend Sharpless to his wife and aunt. In 1820 he reports to Aunt Mary Jones in Birmingham about the malignant fever in Philadelphia. Also exhibition by a balloonist at Washington Hall. ALS 1822 1 mo 17 describes the eloquence and presence of Edward Hicks who was attracting large crowds like Elias Hicks. Disastrous fire the same month at the Orphan Asylum. He also reports to her about the subscription drive for the Asylum for the relief of person deprived of the use of...
Dates: 1820-1828, n.d.

Letters to Lydia A. Sharpless, 1829-1831-1837

 File — Box: 2
Scope and Contents Lydia A. Sharpless (1803-1892), was the unmarried younger sister of Townsend Sharpless. In later life she lived in Philadelphia with her brother, John Sharpless, and doctor and also unmarried. Photocopies of letters from a cousin and endorsed letter from family and Friends in Baltimore who she visited in 1831. Endorsement from Friends in Port Elizabeth to Friends in Philadelphia regarding the visit of Lydia A. Sharpless.
Dates: 1829-1831-1837

Letters to Lydia J. and Ann Sharpless, 1830.

 File — Box: 2
Scope and Contents Children of Townsend and Mary Sharpless. Lydia and Anna were students at Westtown Boarding School. ALsS from parents and siblings. The parents give updates of the other children and enclose a small piece book written by their sister Eliza (1822-1832).
Dates: 1830.

Letters to Anna, Lydia J., and Henry Sharpless, 1840-1849, n.d.

 File — Box: 2
Scope and Contents Anna's ALsS to brother Harry. An ALS from Isaac Townsend with condolences on death of Joanna (Townsend) Sharpless in 1843. Brother Samuel writes while touring Italy and France. ALS to Townsend Sharpless, 1849, 10 mo, 10, from England (?) disagreeing with American system of solitary to Mary F. and subsequently to her family after Mary’s death.
Dates: 1840-1849, n.d.

Letters from Henry Sharpless, 1850-1853

 File — Box: 2
Scope and Contents Letters to sisters and brothers Lydia, Anna, Charles, Samuel, and to mother and father, Mary B. and Townsend Sharpless, grandmother, and friends. Descriptive travel letters from Bombay Hook, Delaware, Athens Greece, Liverpool and London, England, and Paris, France.
Dates: 1850-1853

Letter to Ezekiel Hunn, Jr., from Charles S. Jones, 1853

 File — Box: 2
Scope and Contents Note to Ezekiel Hunn, Jr., (1841-1926) from his cousin at school in New Garden
Dates: 1853