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Box 16


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A - B (Blackburn), 1796-1922

 File — Box: 16
Identifier: HC.PhY.838.03.011 (1250/AA41(I))
Scope and Contents Allen, Joseph, 7/2/1897,Tunesassa: to PYMIC regarding his resignation. Bailey, Joseph L., 2/28/1881, Pine Iron Works: to George J. Scattergood (cousin) regarding Cornplanter claim, RR lines. Balderston, Alice, 9/5/1914, Tunesassa: to Hannah D. Stratton regarding resignation. Balderston, George, 9/15/1887: regarding duty to help First Nations peoples more efficiently. Baltimore Yearly Meeting Friends, 5/23/1796, Pipe Creek [1796] and Baltimore [1798 to 1809]: letters are from Goldsmith...
Dates: Majority of material found in 1796-1922

B (from Bland), 1806-1915

 File — Box: 16
Identifier: HC.PhY.838.03.012 (1250/AA41(I))
Scope and Contents Includes:Bland, [M. Cora], 6/6/1874, Washington, D.C.: to George J. Scattergood regarding improbability of HR Bill 8746; opinion on how Ogden Land Co. could gain the land of the Senecas.Blowers, Etta, 9/9/1887, Tunesassa: to PYMIC regarding personal health problems and giving notice of her plans to leave.Boles, Josephine, 1903-07: 2 letters, Tunesassa. 7/26/1903 to Caroline C. Scattergood regarding her resignation as caretaker. 11/23/1907 to George J....
Dates: Majority of material found in 1806-1915

C, 1796-1997

 File — Box: 16
Identifier: HC.PhY.838.03.013 (1250/AA41(II))
Scope and Contents Includes:Cauredtauwacah, Jacob, 1799-1803: 3 letters, 1799 to 1803, London Grove (Chester County, Pennsylvania) regarding learning farming and blacksmithing.Chapin, Israel, 7/6/1796: Canawargaras, 7/6/1796 to PYMIC regarding Quaker intentions.Cheyney, Eliza A., 1873-75: 2 letters. 12/13/1873, Doe Run, Chester County, Pennsylvania, to Thomas Wistar regarding inquiry into teaching position. 9/13/1875, Tunesassa, to George J. Scattergood regarding...
Dates: Majority of material found in 1796-1997

D, 1798-1901

 File — Box: 16
Identifier: HC.PhY.838.03.014 (1250/AA41(II))
Scope and Contents Includes:Darling, John P., 3/18/1858: Albany, N.Y., to Thomas Evans regarding Committee on roads and bridges.Darlington, William, 6/12/1857: Brownsville, to "Friend" regarding recommendation of Abel H. Blackburn.Davis, John, 4/24/1838: Washington, to Thomas Evans regarding copies of papers Evans wants are confidential.Dean, John, 1801-02: 4 letters, Stockbridge; Brothertown, 10/8/1801 to 11/21/1802 to members of PYMIC [David Bacon, Henry...
Dates: Majority of material found in 1798-1901

E, 1806-1913

 File — Box: 16
Identifier: HC.PhY.838.03.015 (1250/AA41(II))
Scope and Contents Includes:Eastlack, Sarah, 1851-53: Tunesassa, 4/6/1851 and 9/29/1853 to "Esteemed Friend" and to Joseph Elkinton regarding report of the school [1851], desire to go to Tunesassa [1853].Edge, Jacob, 6/27/1868: Downingtown, Pennsylvania to Joseph Scattergood regarding willingness of himself and sister Thomazin to go to Tunesassa.Edkin, Aron S. with Eva S., 1899-1904: ca. 19 letters, 12/8/1899 to 3/22/1904, Tunesassa regarding Friends Indian School....
Dates: Majority of material found in 1806-1913

F-G, 1803-1915

 File — Box: 16
Identifier: HC.PhY.838.03.016 (1250/AA41(II))
Scope and Contents Includes:Fink, Charles, 1869-79: 13 letters, Dunkirk, Washington and Salamanca, 1/17/1869 to 9/27/1879 to George J. Scattergood [12 letters] and Joseph S. Elkinton [1 letter] regarding Salamanca.Fisher, Miers, 6/2/1804: Extract of a letter from Robert Barclay (son of Alexander Barclay) to Member of Parliament, London, 6/2/1804 regarding contribution of $100 to PYMIC.Fletcher, Cotton, 8/11/1818: Allegheny River, to "Respected Friend" regarding account of...
Dates: Majority of material found in 1803-1915