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H, 1798-1914

 File — Box: 17
Identifier: HC.PhY.838.03.017 (1250/AA41(III))
Scope and Contents Includes: Haines, John G., 11/29/1904: typed letter [copy], Tunesassa to John W. Tatum regarding fire at Tunesassa also other correspondence of John G. Haines, 1897.Haines, W. Herbert, 1/29/1903: Tunesassa, to Farm Committee on Tunesassa School Committee regarding resignation.Haines, Zebedee, 3/15/1908: Tunesassa regarding Friends Indian School.Halftown, Harrison, 1864 and 1878: 2 letters. Cold Spring, 6/7/1864 to Joseph Scattergood regarding...
Dates: Majority of material found in 1798-1914

I, 1833-1956

 File — Box: 17
Identifier: HC.PhY.838.03.018 (1250/AA41 (III))
Scope and Contents Includes:Indiana Yearly Meeting, 1833 and 1844: [from Jesse Hanery (?)], Harveysburg, Ohio, 11/20/1844 to George William and Thomas Evans regarding financial matters. Letter 3/14/1833 to John Jacobs, an account probably written by Indiana Friends regarding First Nations peoples on the Wabash.Interior Department, Bureau of Education, Washington, DC, 6/20/1885: from John Easton (Commissioner), to George J. Scattergood regarding printing of a manuscript....
Dates: Majority of material found in 1833-1956

J-K, 1811-1953

 File — Box: 17
Identifier: HC.PhY.838.03.019 (1250/AA41 (III))
Scope and Contents Includes:Jackson, Lydia, 6/24/1877: [Tunesassa B.S.] to "Friend" regarding reflections on E. Worth and J. Scattergood.Jacobs, John, 7/13/1811: Upper Providence, to Samuel Bettle regarding reluctance of First Nations peoples to sell them land.Jimerson, Abner, 2/10/1953: R.D.I. Gowanda, N.Y., to PYMIC with attached copy of "Sermon tribute to John Snyder by Rev. W. David Owl given on 12/5/1952". Letter regarding distribution of the tribute and relations of...
Dates: Majority of material found in 1811-1953

L, 1798-1922

 File — Box: 17
Identifier: HC.PhY.838.03.020 (1250/AA41 (III))
Scope and Contents Includes:Lawrence, Richard R., 12/27/1816: Manuscript copy of letter, New York to Thomas Stewardson regarding removal of First Nations peoples from New York.Lee, Catharine, 1863 and 1872: 2 letters. 12/5/1863, Tunesassa, to Thomas Evan regarding dissatisfaction with salary; 7/25/1872, Exeter to Joseph Scattergood regarding record of expenses.Leeds, Henry B., 1919-1922: ca. 8 letters, 12/15/1919 to 10/20/1922, Tunesassa regarding Friends Indian School....
Dates: Majority of material found in 1798-1922

M-N, 1797-1918

 File — Box: 17
Identifier: HC.PhY.838.03.021 (1250/AA41 (III))
Scope and Contents Includes:McFadgen, Elizabeth Pyle, 6/15/1914: Phila., regarding wishes to apply for teaching position at Friends Indian School.McGirr, Mary, 1892-1898: 6 items. 4 handwritten letters, Tunesassa, 9/9/1982 to 10/3/1898, to PYMIC, George J. Scattergood, Sarah E. Smith regarding leave of absence, resignation. 1 typed letter, Tunesassa, 7/10/1898, her farewell address to First Nations peoples residing on the Allegany Reservation. 1 Extract of a letter, Bartlett, Ohio,...
Dates: Majority of material found in 1797-1918

O-R, 1796-1920

 File — Box: 17
Identifier: HC.PhY.838.03.022 (1250/AA41(IV))
Scope and Contents Includes:Oakford, Aaron, 7/22/1798: extract of a letter ["a true copy 7th mo. 22nd, 1798"], Fort Sclarher (?), 6/29/1798 to his father regarding uneasiness of First Nations peoples at Buffalo CreekOgden, David A., 1896: 5 typed letters (copies) regarding claims of the company as follows: - W.A. Poucher, Oswego, New York, to Attorney General, 2/10/1896 - (2 TL) of J.R. Jewell (U.S. Indian Agent) 2/21 and Olean, New York, 3/2 to Joseph S. Elkinton, 1896 - Charles Daniel...
Dates: Majority of material found in 1796-1920

S (Sa-Sl), 1979-1897

 File — Box: 17
Identifier: HC.PhY.838.03.023 (1250/AA41(IV))
Scope and Contents Includes:Sargeant, John, 1798-1838: 2 letters, New Stockbridge, 7/13/1798 and 4/7/1799 to Henry Drinker regarding appropriation of money from a grant, dealing with Chapin. Letter, Washington, 7/7/1838 to M. Evans regarding decision against the claim of Seneca people for their expenses, passage as an amendment to a Native American billScotton, Robert, 1798-1838: 15 letters, Tunesassa, 1/18/1837 to 3/9/1858 [some also signed by Ebenezer Worth, Thomazin Valentine,...
Dates: Majority of material found in 1979-1897

S (Sm-Sz), 1799-1907

 File — Box: 17
Identifier: HC.PhY.838.03.024 (1250/AA41 (IV))
Scope and Contents Includes:Smith, Augustus, 11/13/1845 to 3/18/1851: 6 letters, Collins [and 1 from Phila.], to Joseph Elkinton [5], Thomas Evans [1], Joel Evans [1] regarding business, especially concerning the farmSmith, Ephraim, 12/16/1889: letter, Philadelphia, to George Scattergood regarding Treasury AccountSmith, Louisa, 1872-1881: 7 letters, Tunesassa, 7/22/1872 to 11/1/1881 to Joseph Scattergood, PYMIC, George Scattergood, encloses accounts of the deaths of various...
Dates: Majority of material found in 1799-1907

T (Taylor, Jacob), 1796-1821

 File — Box: 17
Identifier: HC.PhY.838.03.025 (1250/AA41 (V))
Scope and Contents

ca. 55 items. Includes:

1796-1821: - [18 from] Oneida, 9/2/1796-12/25/1799 - [8 from] Genesanguhta, 6/28/1801-6/20/1803 - [9 from] Tunesassa, 3/25/1803-8/4/1808 - [1 from] Newbury, 5/5/1810 - [12 from] Cattaraugus, 8/12/1810-3/14/1821 - [3 from] Batavia, 3/3/1812-11/27/1817 - [2 from] Buffalo, 3/23/1818-2/27/1819

Farewell speech to Oneida people, 1/6/1800

Copy of letter from J.C. Calhoun (Secretary of War), 8/19/1818

Dates: 1796-1821