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Box 37


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Other Friends' and religious organizations related items

 File — Box: 37
Identifier: HC.PhY.838.06.006 (1250/AA69)
Scope and Contents Includes:"Action Alert", 3/1981. Published by Friends Committe on National Legislation."The Friendly Agitator", 3/1973. Published by Friends Suburban Project."Friends" vol. III, no. V, 10/1981. Newsletter published by the faculty, students and parents of Media-Providence Friends School."Friends and Native Americans in the 1980's, a Friends' seminar at William Penn House...", 11/1979. Washington, D.C. 12p."Indian Progress",...

Government related items, 1885-1956

 File — Box: 37
Identifier: HC.PhY.838.06.003 (1250/AA69(2))
Scope and Contents Includes:"Answers to your questions on American Indians. Questions on education, health, land, citizenship, economic status, etc.", 1956. United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs."The Cornplanter Indian", 5/1940. From Public Education Pennsylvania (Department of Public Instruction, Pennsylvania, bulletin) vol. 7 no. 9."Indian School Service", 11/1/1885. Fourth annual report of the Indian School superintendent to the Department of...
Dates: Majority of material found in 1885-1956

Other organizations

 File — Box: 37
Identifier: HC.PhY.838.06.005 (1250/AA69(2))
Scope and Contents Includes:"Flint chips. News from Ganienkeh, land of the Flint", 1978-1980, Newsletter published by Project Roothold (Vocations for Social Change), Rochester, New York."Indian Truth", 1975-1982. Newsletter published by the Indian Rights Association."Orme Alternatives Coalition fact sheet", ca. 1979. Published by the Orme Alternatives Coalition, Phoenix, Arizona, re: Orme Dam."Proceedings of the twentieth annual meeting of the Lake Mohonk...

Reprints of articles

 File — Box: 37
Identifier: HC.PhY.838.06.004 (1250/AA69(2))
Scope and Contents Includes"The functions of wampum", 12/6/1954, by George S. Snyderman (reprinted from the Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, vol. 98, no. 6),"Halliday Jackson's journal of a visit paid to the Indians of New York", 10/1957, by George S. Snyderman (reprinted from the Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, vol. 101, no. 6)."Halliday Jackson's journal to the Seneca Indians, 1798-1800", edited by Anthony F.C. Wallace (reprinted from...

Miscellaneous publications

 File — Box: 37
Identifier: HC.PhY.838.06.014 (AA69(2))
Scope and Contents


"Warren County Pennsylvania Almanac", 1940-1944: Printed for the friends of the Warren Bank and Truth Company

"The Fund for the Republic", 4/1957

"Lenape land: A recreated Indian village, museum", undated. Brochure, Lenape Land Association, Bucks County(?)

Friends Indian School (Tunesassa) photographs, 1900-1964

 File — Box: 37
Identifier: HC.PhY.838.06.015 (1250/AA66)
Scope and Contents Includes:Typed letter to Grace S. Yaukey, 1964, re: return of photos to Tunesassa and other First Nations peoplesTyped note from Grace S. Yaukey, re: return of above photos8" x 10" Photos of Native American people: 3 photos; there are typed notes pasted on the back of each by M. Ream describing photosPhotos of Tunesassa people, 1937: 2 smaller photos; labeled on back "Tunesassa 6/8 1937 Marriott C. Morris Photo"Photographs, undated...
Dates: Majority of material found in 1900-1964

Friends Indian School (Tunesassa) photographs, 1989

 File — Box: 37
Identifier: HC.PhY.838.06.016 (1250/AA66)
Scope and Contents


Photographs, 1989: 9 prints made from photos in album in this folder by Theodore B. Hetzel

Photo album: Tunesassa School; ca. 150 photos, each numbered but there is no identification of photos

Dates: Majority of material found in 1989