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Susan Hilles Shearman commonplace book

Identifier: HC.MC-975-03-033

The commonplace book of Susan Hilles Shearman includes extracts of poetry, hymns, prayers, newspaper clippings, quotations arranged by topics, and descriptions of Shearman's baby daughter. Inside the volume are post cards from Ephrata, and Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, as well as a photograph of Hepsiba Hathaway Howland.

Dates: 1871-1873

Shoemaker commonplace books

Identifier: HC.MC-975-03-035

The commonplace books of the Shoemaker family include advice, reflections, excerpts of letters, prose, poetry, and excerpts organized by topic, including matrimony, happiness, pleasure, and character.

Dates: 1794-1839

Ann Roberts Matlack Stackhouse commonplace book

Identifier: HC.MC-975-03-036
Abstract The commonplace book of Ann Matlack Stackhouse includes religious excerpts, excerpts of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Minutes (1848), and excerpts of letters, including a letter from Samuel Johnson to Edward Hicks. Also included are the testimony of Robert Barrow at George Fox's burial, the prayer of Nicholas Waln, James Simpson's sermon, a timeline of discoveries and settlements in the United States, a warning to the people called Quakers, and a letter to parents who have the care of youth in...
Dates: 1837-1845

Sallie M. Taylor commonplace book

Identifier: HC.MC-975-03-037

The commonplace book of Sallie M. Taylor includes excerpts of poetry related to friendship, nature, and family, as well as quotations, a prayer card, and a poem copied for Taylor by" E.M.W."

Dates: 1854-1856

Phebe Clapp Thomas commonplace book

Identifier: HC.MC-975-03-046
Abstract The volume features poems copied by various friends of Phebe Clapp Thomas, and focuses on friendship, reflection, religion, and faith. Among those extracts that were signed, signatures from the following individuals are included: Jemima Hamond, Ann M. Thorne, Elias Hicks Jr., Joseph Griffen, B. Barton, Elizabeth Wenzer, Adeline Begnor, Jane Charlotte Leach, Marcia L. Haight, and E. Mitchell. A number of extracts are unsigned, including extracts of poetry by Shakespeare and Sir Walter Scott....
Dates: 1833

Hannah Milhous Vernon papers

Identifier: HC.MC-950-173

This collection is comprised of the papers of Hannah Milhous Vernon, and includes two unbound commonplace books, the loose pages of Vernon's diaries, and a single unbound volume of meeting minutes for the Damorris Monthly Meeting of Women Friends.

Dates: 1855-1889

Mary E. Warner commonplace books

Identifier: HC.MC-975-03-062

The commonplace books of Mary E. Warner include religious quotes and extracts, notes from friends, notes on mathematical equations, and notes on Quaker leaders.

Dates: 1868

Susanah Weston commonplace book

Identifier: HC.MC-975-03-039

The commonplace book of Susanah Weston includes an abstract of a letter from James Thornton, an account of a vision, excerpts of a Yearly Meeting of Ministers and Elders (1789), a letter from an Irish Friend to Catherine Payton, a prayer delivered at Hertford, and a testimony from the Monthly Meeting of Canterbury.

Dates: 1796

Deborah Fisher Wharton commonplace book

Identifier: HC.MC-975-03-040

Deborah Fisher Wharton (1795-1888) was an American Quaker minister, suffragist, and social reformer, as well as one of the founders of Swarthmore College. Wharton's commonplace book volumes include poetry and prose.

Dates: 1808-1814

Margaret White commonplace books

Identifier: HC.MC-975-03-042

Margaret White's commonplace books include poetry, prayers, and newspaper clippings.

Dates: 1780-1833

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Brooks, Erica May 1
Comfort, Elizabeth Cadwallader 1
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Conard, Rebecca 1
Conard, Sarah 1
Cope, Sarah Wistar 1
Dillwyn, Sarah 1
Elfreth, Jacob R. Jr., 1837-1924 1
Elfreth, Jacob R., Sr., 1789-1870 1
Elfreth, Jane P. 1
Elfreth, Rebecca P. 1
Fisher, Hannah Logan 1
Flowers, Mary 1
Gibbons, Hannah, d. 1868 1
Haines, Catherine 1
Haines, Deborah 1
Hartshorne, Caroline Cope Yarnall 1
Haverford College 1
Kite, Mary, 1793?-1861 1
Lloyd family 1
Lloyd, Mary Ann 1
Lloyd, Susan H. 1
Masters, Margaret Parvin 1
Moore, Milcah Martha 1
Morris family 1
Morris, Margaret Hill 1
Mott, Abigail Field 1
Newbold, Mary Ann 1
Nicholson, Elizabeth 1
Peirce, Rebecca 1
Pike family 1
Pike, Sarah 1
Pim, Annie 1
Potts, Anna McCollin 1
Potts, Ethel Rhoads, 1870-1962 1
Rhoads family 1
Rhoads, Anne Gibbons, 1809-1890 1
Rhoads, Edward, 1841-1871 1
Rhoads, Edward, 1873-1903 1
Rhoads, Jane Gibbons, 1870-1897 1
Rhoads, Jane Gibbons, d. 1860 1
Rhoads, Lydia Wistar, b. 1868 1
Rhoads, Samuel, 1806-1868 1
Rhoads, Samuel, b. 1878 1
Rhoads, Sarah Wistar, 1839-1920 1
Rhoads, William Gibbons, Jr., 1838-1880 1
Rhoads, William Gibbons, b. 1876 1
Rodman, Anne Eliza 1
Satterthwaite, Sallie 1
Scattergood, Alfred Garrett 1
Scattergood, Rachel 1
Sharpless, Rebecca 1
Shearman, Susan Hilles 1
Shoemaker, Margaret Wood 1
Stackhouse, Ann Matlack 1
Taylor, Elizabeth Shoemaker 1
Taylor, Sallie M. 1
Thomas, Phebe Clapp 1
Vernon, Hannah Milhous 1
Warner, Mary E. 1
Weston, Susanah 1
Westtown Boarding School 1
Wharton, Deborah Fisher, 1795-1888 1
Wheatley, Phillis, 1753-1784 1
White, Margaret 1
Whittier, John Greenleaf, 1807-1892 1
Wing, Asa S. (Asa Shove), 1850-1931 1
Wing, Sophia Rhoads, 1850-1901 1
Wistar, Esther Fisher Smith 1
Wood, M. S. (Mary Sutton), 1805-1894 1
Yarnall, Emma C. 1
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