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Fifteenth Century (dates CE)

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus

Found in 79 Collections and/or Records:

Epistulae; De Clementia; Sermo de corpore Christi; Meditationes; Epistula de morte S. Hireronymi; De quatuor virtutibus; Epistula ad Cyrillum; Epistula ad Augustinum; etc., 1400 - 1450

Identifier: MS 49
Abstract This is an Italian manuscript from the first half of the fifteenth century, which contains many texts that can be divided into five sections: an opening fragment from Giovanni da Calvoli's Meditations on the Life of Christ; a small group of texts by early Christian writers on the hagiography of Saint Jerome; a large group of letters by Saint Jerome, some spurious; a small group of works attributed to Seneca or Pseudo-Seneca; sermons of Franciscus de Mayronis. These are followed by a short...
Dates: 1400 - 1450

Guido de Monte Rocherii, etc., 1454

Identifier: Gordan MS 80
Abstract Table of contents: Incipit liber qui dicitur manipulus curatorum editus a magistro guidone de monte rochen in ciuitate turoli et dividitur in tres partes... Quartum de dotibus glorie paradisi post hoc habetur finis tocius. De Quattuor conditionibus quibus est facienda confessio, Table of Contents for article 2; Reuerendo in cristo patri ac domino domino reimundo diuina prouidentia Reverendo in christo patri ac domino domino reimundo diuina prouidentia sancte sedis ualencie episcopo suorum...
Dates: 1454

Havens breviary, Franciscan use, 1400 - 1599

Identifier: MS 31
Abstract This is a fifteenth- or sixteenth century breviary from Northern Europe.Table of contents: Graded Franciscan Calendar; Temporal from Advent through the fourth Sunday of November; General rubrics; In nomine Domini incipit benedictio aquae secundum ordinem romanae curiae; Psalter; Canticles and Prayers; Litany with prayers; Hymns for Vespers, Matins, and Lauds for the Temporal and the Sanctoral; Incipit ordo ad benedicendam mensam per totum annum; Ordo ad communicandum infirmum;...
Dates: 1400 - 1599

Havens hours, use uncertain, 1425 - 1475

Identifier: MS 30

This manuscript contains a Book of Hours written about 1450 in Northern France.

Table of contents: Hours of the Virgin, use uncertain; Office of the Cross begins imperfectly in hymn for Matins; Office of the Holy Spirit begins imperfectly in hymn for Matins; Obsecro te, begins imperfectly; Gospel of John (1.1-14) followed by prayer; Penitential Psalms begin imperfectly in first Psalm; Litany of the Saints; Office of the Dead beginning at the second Nocturn.

Dates: 1425 - 1475

Heroides, 1450 - 1499

Identifier: Gordan MS 7

ff. 1r-69v [Title:] publii ouidii nasonis epistolarum erodium liber primus penelope ulissi

Inc: Hanc tua penelope lento tibi mitit ulixe./ Nil me rescribas at tamen ipse ueni.

Expl.: Ut ualeant, alie ferrum patiuntur et ignes./ Fert aliis tristem sucus amarus opem.// f. 70 ruled but blank.

Ovid, Heroides 1-20, text breaks off at 20.186; the final 58 lines of 20, and all of 21 are lacking; H. Dörrie, ed., P. Ovidii Nasonis Epistulae heroidum (Berlin, 1971).

Dates: 1450 - 1499

Historiae adversus paganos, 1450 - 1475

Identifier: MS 15

This is an Italian manuscript from the third quarter of the fifteenth century, which contains Paulus Orosius' Historiae adversus paganos.

Dates: 1450 - 1475

Homeliae in johannis evangelium, 1462

Identifier: MS 12

This manuscript contains John Chrysostom's Homeliae in johannis evangelium, translated by Francesco Griffolini of Arezzo. The scribe is identified in the colophon as Lambert Leynen, who copied the manuscript in Rome in 1462. The manuscript belonged to the library of the Carthusian Charterhouse of Saint Barbara in Cologne and previous owners include Leander van Ess, Sir Thomas Phillipps, and John Meade Falkner.

Dates: 1462

Humanistic commonplace book, 1425 - 1450

Identifier: Gordan MS 33
Abstract Table of contents: Francesco Barbaro, De re uxoria, with prefatory letter to Lorenzo di Giovanni de' Medici; Unidentified poem followed by several quotations on the subjects of women and marriage; Guarino Veronese, Regulae Grammaticales; Unidentified text; Part of an unidentified text (a Poggio letter?) which begins incompletely and a letter from Poggio Bracciolini to Mariano Sozzini which ends incompletely; Poggio, Invectiva contra Perrotum, ends incompletely; Leonardo Bruni, letter to...
Dates: 1425 - 1450

Lawrence hours, use of Cambrai, 1425 - 1450

Identifier: MS 24
Abstract This is a French book of hours written about 1450. Although the text itself is complete, several leaves have been removed, probably containing illuminations, and possibly, in quire XVI, additional suffrages. There are three- to four-line illuminated initials and full borders on four sides containing drolleries marking the beginnings to major sections. The leaves following fol. 89r, with the exception of f. 118r and 180r, are considerably less ornate and complex than the earlier pages. There...
Dates: 1425 - 1450

Legenda aurea, etc., 1400 - 1450

Identifier: Gordan MS 47

Table of contents: Prologue; De adventu domini nostri ihesu christi; de sancto andrea apostolo. . . de dedicatione ecclesie; Incomplete index to article 2 in a later hand; each letter of the alphabet is included, but only a few chapter headings with page references have been filled in.

Dates: 1400 - 1450