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Fifteenth Century (dates CE)

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus

Found in 79 Collections and/or Records:

Sequentiary (Prosar) for Dominican Use, 1480 - 1520

Identifier: MS 54
Abstract Sisters of the kings of France, the author Christine de Pizan, and Balzac’s droll fictitious heroines – these are among the residents of the prestigious royal foundation of the Dominican nuns at Poissy. Every manuscript that becomes known from Poissy is worthy of special note not just because of the fame of the abbey but also because of the contribution of its women to late medieval liturgical music. Whereas Processionals survive in increasingly large numbers from Poissy, Sequentiaries, such...
Dates: 1480 - 1520

Sermo recitatus per Magnificem ac Insignem I. d. doctorem et militem d. Franciscum Arretinum ducalem Oratorem ad Sanctissimum d.d. paulum pontificem secundum nouiter creatum., 1475 - 1499

Identifier: Gordan MS 154

Table of contents: Rime 25, Malatesta de Malatesti; Speech given by Francesco Accolti on behalf of Duke Francesco of Milan congratulating Pope Paul II on his accession to the pontificate in 1464.

Dates: 1475 - 1499

Specchio della croce, 1425 - 1475

Identifier: Gordan MS 109

Table of contents: Preface; Table of contents; Como dio prese carne per liberare lomo de tri defecti liquali in conseno per lo peccato. Capitulo primo; Unidentified ascetic treatise

Dates: 1425 - 1475

Speculum humanae salvationis, 1400 - 1450

Identifier: Gordan MS 24

ff. 1r-2v [Alphabetical index:] Absalon suspenditur 24. . . Christus superauit diabolum 29. ff. 3r-7v [Heading in upper margin:] Prohemium ff. 8r-84r [Text:] Incipit speculum humane saluacionis./

Dates: 1400 - 1450

Statutes, 1436 - 1459

Identifier: Gordan MS 93
Abstract Table of contents: Incipiunt statuta collegii condita seu facta per Reverendos in christo patres et dominos dominos fernandum dei et appostolice sedis gratia arciepiscopum yspalensem et petrum episcopum conchensem. . . Epistola supradicti domini Petri directa collegio per quam insinuat auctoritatem sibi commissam et mandat omnibus quos tangunt uel in futurum tangere poterunt hiis tantum statuta uti et non aliis; Statement by Alvarus de Varga laiming responsibility for the insertion of the...
Dates: 1436 - 1459

Streeter-Piccard hours, use of Sarum, 1425 - 1450

Identifier: MS 27
Abstract This is a Book of Hours from the second quarter of the fifteenth century from Flanders, use of Sarum. There are fourteen full-page miniatures with borders on three sides, which include the Passion cycle for the Hours of Virgin and of Saints Michael, Barbara, and John the Baptist for the suffrages, as well as miniatures of the Last Judgment for the Penitential Psalms, a Funeral Service for the Office of the dead. The Raising of Souls to God for the Commendation of Souls, and Christ with...
Dates: 1425 - 1450

Tractatus de Virtutibus, 1400 - 1499

Identifier: MS 57

This manuscript is a short treatise on the virtues, on paper, comprising two gatherings, perhaps once part of a large volume. The text was written closely, rapidly, and roughly; unruled and with a varying number of lines; and with numerous abbreviations, crossings out, and marginal insertions and corrections. Trimming has resulted in some losses to marginal notes.

Dates: 1400 - 1499

Traité de la vanité des choses mondaines, 1471

Identifier: MS 52
Abstract Jean Barthélemy (fl. 1446-1460), Traité de la vanité des choses mondaines (Treatise on the Vanity of Worldly Things). The treatise begins with a short prologue that explains the circumstances of the text’s composition: “A la louange et honneur de dieu et contempnement des chouses terriennes, cy conmence vng petit traictie de la vanite des choses mondaines, fait lan mille iiiic lx a l’instance et honnourable et deuote religieuse seur Jehanne Girad du tres tresreligieulx [sic] couuent de...
Dates: 1471

Vita s. martini, etc., 1400 - 1499

Identifier: MS 17

This is a fifteenth-century manuscript from Northern Italy, possibly Verona, which contains Sulpicius Severus' Life of Saint Martin and his Dialogues; Gregory of Tours' Life of Saint Martin of Tours; Tituli Metrici de Sancto Martino; and the Life of Saint Zeno.

Dates: 1400 - 1499