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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus

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Canticum canticorum, with glossa ordinaria; Peter of Limoges; John Chrysostom; Hugo of St. Victor, etc., 1100 - 1299

Identifier: MS 18
Abstract This is an English manuscript from the twelfth to the thirteenth century, containing various texts in different hands, which includes: the Canticum canticorum; Peter of Limoges' de Oculo Morali; Ogerius de Lucedio's Planctus Beatae Virginis Mariae; Publilius Syrus' Sententiae; Seneca's De beneficiis; Pseudo-Seneca' ad Gallionem de remediis fortuitis; Johannes Chrysostomus' De reparation lapsi; Pseudo-Bernard of Clairvaux's Exceptiones super meditationibus de interiori homine; Hugh of Saint...
Dates: 1100 - 1299

Thomas Chase papers

Identifier: HC.MC-965

Correspondence, portraits, photographs, clippings, articles, addresses, lecture notes, diary, and miscellaneous papers related to Thomas Chase (1827-1892), his family, and his years at Haverford as professor and president of the College.

Dates: 1843 - 1947

De nobilitate, etc., 1425 - 1475

Identifier: MS 48
Abstract This humanistic manuscript was copied on parchment in Italy in the mid-fifteenth century. The first four works are three letters of Poggio Bracciolini, including one on nobility and one against avarice, and a poem by Carlo Marsuppino (Aretino) on nobility; these share a page layout, illuminated initials, and marginal notes of proper names in red. Three brief letters by Petrarch and an Easter table have been added at the end (fols. 103v-114r) and have spaces left for illuminated initials....
Dates: 1425 - 1475

Epistulae; De Clementia; Sermo de corpore Christi; Meditationes; Epistula de morte S. Hireronymi; De quatuor virtutibus; Epistula ad Cyrillum; Epistula ad Augustinum; etc., 1400 - 1450

Identifier: MS 49
Abstract This is an Italian manuscript from the first half of the fifteenth century, which contains many texts that can be divided into five sections: an opening fragment from Giovanni da Calvoli's Meditations on the Life of Christ; a small group of texts by early Christian writers on the hagiography of Saint Jerome; a large group of letters by Saint Jerome, some spurious; a small group of works attributed to Seneca or Pseudo-Seneca; sermons of Franciscus de Mayronis. These are followed by a short...
Dates: 1400 - 1450

Oratio in laudem rei publicae venetorum; Vita caroli magni, etc., 1400 - 1499

Identifier: MS 40
Abstract This manuscript is a humanistic miscellany written in northern Italy in the fifteenth century. The volume contains three texts: Poggio Bracciolini, In laudem rei publicae Venetorum (fols. 1r-23v); Einhard, Vita Excellentissimi Imperatoris Magni Caroli (fols. 25r-66r); Alcuin, Confessio [for Charlemagne] (fols. 66v-70v). The beginning of each text is marked by white-vine illumination; the coat of arms on the first page suggests original ownership by a member of the Bembo family of Venice. The...
Dates: 1400 - 1499

Orationes ad nicolaum V, etc., 1425 - 1475

Identifier: MS 41
Abstract This fifteenth-century Italian manuscript contains six texts: Giannozzo Manetti, Oration to Nicholas V (fols. 1r-10v); Poggio Bracciolini, oratio ad summum pontificem Nicolaum V (fols. 11r-19r); Franciscus de Padua de Florentia, Letter to Nicholas V (fols. 19r-24r); Leonardo Bruni, Oratiuncula ad Martinum V (fols. 24r-26r); Leonardo Bruni, State Letter for the Commune of Florence to the Emperor (fols. 26v-27v); Leonardo Bruni, State letter for the Commune of Florence to the Council of Basel...
Dates: 1425 - 1475