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manuscripts (documents)

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus

Found in 245 Collections and/or Records:

شاهنامه. Shāhnāmah, 1849 C.E.; 1265 A.H.

Identifier: BV 65

Clear copy of the Shāhnāmah with two prefaces. Copy includes 32 illustrations and many blank spaces left in the text as if for illustrations.

Dates: 1849 C.E.; 1265 A.H.

گلستان. Gulistān , 1582-1853 C.E.; 990 A.H.

Identifier: BV 50

Copy of the Gulistan; leaves are somewhat battered and mostly disbound; some marginalia.

Dates: 1582-1853 C.E.; 990 A.H.

مصحف جليل فيه. Muṣḥaf jalīl fīhi ...., 950 C.E.; 388-399 A.H.

Identifier: BV 69

Incomplete copy of a collection of homilies and saints' and martyrs' lives. This manuscript is part of a now-dispersed manuscript written at Mt. Sinai. The table of contents (f. 3v-4r) lists 22 works, but only portions of the first and fourth are present in this manuscript. A set of 8 leaves on paper (170 x 160 mm) have been added in a later hand and include the incomplete story of the martyrdoms of Anbā Qūris, Yuḥannā, the three virgins and their mother.

Dates: 950 C.E.; 388-399 A.H.

هذا كتاب شرح مشارق. Hādhā kitāb sharḥ Mashāriq, 1753 C.E.; 1166 A.H.

Identifier: BV 54

Commentary on al-Ḥasan ibn Muḥammad al-Saghānī's Mashāriq al-anwār. Table of contents included before the text.

Dates: 1753 C.E.; 1166 A.H.

وصيت. Vaṣiyyet , 1784 C.E.; 1198 A.H.

Identifier: BV 55

Treatise on the principle of the Islamic faith including divine attributes, Quranic revelation, the prophethood of Muḥammad, the nature of angels, resurrection and the last days, correct ablution and acts of worship, and moral exhortation. Table of contents at the beginning.

Dates: 1784 C.E.; 1198 A.H.