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ca. 26 items -Cady, William F. Manuscript Copy of letters, Interior Department, Washington D.C., Sept. 14, 1870 Notes on content: publication of advertisements in newspapers for Indian Superintendency supply proposals -Caldwell, A. (President Kansas Manufacturing Co., wagon makers) Letter, Leavenworth, Kansas, Feb. 28, 1879 to John A. Anderson Notes on content: EFH settling EH's accounts with Washington -Campbell Manuscript Copy, no place or date to Edward [F. Hoag?] -Campbell, James W. 3 Letters, Carthage, Mo., April 10­-June 27, 1876 to Enoch Hoag and Edward F. Hoag Notes on content: Buchan accuses A.C. Williams of being "a thief and a fraud" Appears to be reluctant to sign vouchers, stating "these are times of investigation" -Campbell, Robert 2 Letters, St. Louis, Feb. 6,12, 1874 Notes on content: returning Superintendents bond for signature, etc.; returning bond properly signed -Canfield, E. (Ettie?) Letter, Ogden, Kansas, Dec. 5, 1873 Needs her money, did not authorize L.R. Palmer to draw it -Carpenter, C.C. 2 Letters, Treasury Department., Dec. 14, 1876 and June 2, 1877 Notes on content: "giving cause of delay in the settlement of the account" -Chase, A.J. Letter, Office for Osage Nation (Wazhazhe) and Kaw Nation (Kanza), 11 mo. 9, 1874 Notes on content: "apprizing of a noted desperado at Coffeyville, etc." -Clayton, A.M. Letter, Chicago, 1 mo. 15, 1870 Notes on content: "desires employment in Indian service" -Clum, H.R. [Chief Clerk of Indian Commissioners] 3 Letters and 1 Manuscript Copy of letter, Washington D.C, Dec. 24, 1870 - ­Feb. 26, 1883 to E.B. French (2nd Auditor) Notes on content: authorization of expenses of trips of Cyrus Beede to Washington in 1870s; removal of Sac Nation (Sauk, Thackiwaki) and Fox Nation (Meskwaki) members to new reservation (1870); expense of EH's trip to Washington -Coffin, S.H. (wife of W.G. Coffin) Letter, Leavenworth, 3 mo. 10, 1875 Notes on content: "on account Jennie Whitfield" (JW's pregnancy to be kept quiet, child to be adopted and then JW will go back to work as teacher of Indigenous People) -Coffin, W.G. 3 Letters, Leavenworth, 3 mo. 16,17, 1875 and 12/20/1877 Notes on content: "Governor Osborne attack for the removal of the Superintendent" (pregnancy of Jennie Whitfield; implication of Kansas militia in attack on Osage Nation (Wazhazhie) (1875 LETTER) -Colton, G.A. Letter, Parla, Kansas, Nov. 16, 1874 Notes on content: desires to serve the Miami Tribe (Myaamia) and Peoria Tribe as their counsel -Coon, Solomon Letter, Muskogee, Jan. 13, 1874 Wishes to have his wife's money sent -Covington, J.A. 2 Letters, Cheyenne Nation (Tsitsistas) Agency, Indian Territory, 7 mo. 19, 1871 and 10 mo 25, 1872 to Cyrus Beede (1871) Notes on content: "receipt for provisions 2d qr. 1871" requests invoices, freight -Cowen, B.R. Manuscript Copy, Interior Department, Aug. 13, 1875 to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs Notes on content: granting leave of absence to Hoag -Crowell, G.A. Letter, [Penn?] Ind., Dec. 29, 1875 Notes on content: drafts for money

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