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misc. A-B

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Scope and Contents (ca. 32 items Copy) -Adair, W.P. (William Penn) 4 Letters, 1 Manuscript Copy, Washington, D.C., 5/28 ­ 11/15/1875 Notes on content: "his work involving Osage Nation (Wazhazhe) and the Osage’s desire for the retention of the Superintendent (Gen. Babcock tells WPA that EH is all right with the President); the attack by Governor Osborne; treatment by Agent Gibson; enclosing copy of letter to President Grant regarding Osage murder case; suggesting the employment of General Shanks to represent...

misc. C

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Scope and Contents ca. 26 items -Cady, William F. Manuscript Copy of letters, Interior Department, Washington D.C., Sept. 14, 1870 Notes on content: publication of advertisements in newspapers for Indian Superintendency supply proposals -Caldwell, A. (President Kansas Manufacturing Co., wagon makers) Letter, Leavenworth, Kansas, Feb. 28, 1879 to John A. Anderson Notes on content: EFH settling EH's accounts with Washington -Campbell Manuscript Copy, no place or date to Edward [F. Hoag?] -Campbell, James...

misc. D

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Scope and Contents ca. 24 items -Darling, L.R. 2 Letters, Topeka and Cold Spring, Indian Territory, Jan. 6 and Feb. 14, 1874 Notes on content: money drawn for his wife and threatens suit -Darlington, Brinton, 1804­1872 (Agent for Cheyenne Nation (Tsistsistas) and Arapaho Tribe (Hinono’ei)) 8 Letters and 1 Manuscript Copy, Camp Supply, Indian Territory, 8 mo. 27, 1869 ­ 8 mo. 18, 1871 Notes on content: report on suitable agency location; Cheyenne Nation (Tsitsistas) discussing about war or peace,...

misc. E-F

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Scope and Contents ca. 25 items -Earle, Edward, d.1877 7 Letters, Worcester [etc.], 1 mo. 7, 1871 ­ 9 mo. 15, 1876 [11/25/1872 to Cyrus Beede] Notes on content: alluding to trip through the Indian Territory, return home, etc.; meeting of Ex. Com., doubtful about his being able to attend although recognizes much to be done, etc.; the opening of an aggressive policy on Indian Affairs; the opposition of the Kansas delegation against the Superintendent. etc. and their influence in Washington; companion for S....

misc. G-H

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Scope and Contents ca. 38 items -Galpin, Samuel A. (chief clerk to John Q. Smith, Indian Commissioner 1875­-1877) 3 Letters, Interior Department, Aug. 31­ Sept. 7, 1876 Notes on content: traveling expenses of Superintendent to Washington; leave of absence equivalent to authority for same -Garrett, John B. Letter, Philadelphia, 12 mo. 30, 1872 Notes on content: letter of Jonathan Richards (re: Al[vor]d) and whether it should be published in newspaper -Garrett, Richard Letter, Wilder, Kansas, Feb. 18,...

misc. J-M

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Scope and Contents ca. 43 items correspondents include: -James, George W. Letter, "Indian Agency in Kansas," 12 mo. 23, 1875 to M.[H.] Newlin EH wants receipts -Jones, H.W. 3 Letters and 1 Document. [copy?], Quapaw Nation (Ugahxpa) Indian Agency, Indian Territory, Aug. 21 [to EFH] and 22, 1876, Aug. 27, 1877 Notes on content: release of mortgage by heirs of Elizabeth Captain; does not wish to give official receipt for certain money without further understanding as to how he is to account for same,...

misc. N-P

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Scope and Contents ca. 48 items correspondents include: -Neal & Murphy Letter, Kansas City, March 16, 1872 Notes on content: receipts for freight -Neal, Moses Letter, Lawrence, Kansas, 3/17/1876 Notes on content: "states no cause exists for rumor of personal interest in their contract" -Negus, Israel Letter, Springdale, 7 mo. 12, 1878 to EFH Claims of EH's honesty and encloses copy of letter from Treasury Department saying that there is an outstanding balance due the gov't. from EH of $33,785.33...

misc. R-S

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Scope and Contents ca. 36 items correspondents include: -Rankin, John K. 4 items [3 Letters, 1 Manuscript Copy of document], Washington, D.C. and Lawrence, Kansas, 8/22/1876 to 6/5/1878 Sworn statement re: payment of extra help at Post Office Safe at Sac nation (Thakiwaki) and Fox Nation (Meskwaki) Agency Stock held by EH in Lawrence Savings Bank -Rankin, Wm. A. Legal document., Douglas Co., Kansas, March 21, 1879 Notes on content: moving a sawmill -Rex, John Letter, St. Louis, Sept. 7, 1874 Notes on...

misc. T-Y

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Scope and Contents ca. 39 items correspondents include: -Tatum, Lawrie 2 Letters, Office Kiowa Tribe (Ka'igwu) Agency, Indian Territory, 10 mo. 21, 1871 and 3 mo. 18, 1872 Notes on content: statement of Agent Tatum's wants -Thorndike, Henry 2 Letters, Wyandot Nation of Kansas (Wendat) Mission, Indian Territory, 8 mo. 19, 1875 and Muscatine, Iowa, 11 mo. 3, 1877 Notes on content: request for clothing for Indigenous children -Times [of Leavenworth, Kansas] 3 Letters [signed by var., including D.R. Anthony],...

H. M. Atkinson

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Scope and Contents

Atkinson, H.M. [Special Indian Commissioner] ca. 11 items [9 Letters, 1 Manuscript Copy of letter and 1 Petition] May 22, 1873 to June 25, 1877 from Washington, D.C.; Brownville, Nebraska; Lawrence, Kansas and other -Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma (Kiikaapoa) moving them from Mexico to Indian Territory -Financial matters -Petition from the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma (Kiikaapoa) requesting to know whereabouts of "Mr. Atkinson the Agent who moved us from Mexico here [Indian Territory]"