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Fourteenth century (dates CE)

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus

Found in 13 Collections and/or Records:

Antidotarium, 1375 - 1399

Identifier: MS 14

This is a manuscript of Nicholas of Salerno's Antidotarium, a twelfth century book of medicinal recipes, dating from the last quarter of the fourteenth century, most likely from England. Likely provenance includes the Hale family of Alderley, based on the bookplate on fol. 33v. It appears to be in its original parchment binding.

Dates: 1375 - 1399

Bible, 1300 - 1350

Identifier: Gordan MS 56

A Bible in the usual order as described by N. R. Ker, Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries, vol. 1 (Oxford, 1969) 96-97.

Dates: 1300 - 1350

Canon medicinae, liber V, 1380

Identifier: MS 4

This is a Spanish manuscript from circa 1380, which contains Avicenna's Canon medicinae, liber V, translated by Gherardo da Sabbioneta.

Dates: 1380

Constitutiones clementinae, 1350

Identifier: MS 7
Overview This manuscript was produced in Southern France, possibly in Avignon, in the mid-fourteenth century. It contains the text of Clement V's Constitutiones clementinae with the surrounding commentary of Giovanni d'Andrea (Johannes d'Andreae). There is some loss of text. On fol. 1r is an eighteen-line miniature showing an enthroned Pope (Clement) flanked by groups of cardinals and bishops and, kneeling before him, a bare-headed cleric presenting a book. On the lower portion of the same folio,...
Dates: 1350

De comprobatione aetatis sextae, etc., 1400 - 1499

Identifier: Gordan MS 112

Contents: Table of contents followed by a brief publishing history of the texts which describes article 6 as "ineditus" and probably "spurius." Later additions, in lead, in a twentieth-century hand; De Comprobatione Aetatis Sextae; a chronology of the Roman Empire from the birth of Christ through Michael; Table of contents; De fide catholica; Unidentified text attributed to Jerome; In libros Veteris et Novi Testamenti Proemia; Allegorie Quaedam Sacrae Scripturae.

Dates: 1400 - 1499

De regimine principum, 1425 - 1475

Identifier: MS 2
Overview This is a mid-fourteenth-century French manuscript, which contains the text of Giles of Rome's De regimine principum, as well as a table of the chapters for Book II, part 2 through Book III, part 2 and the Office of Saint Catherine. There is one seven-line historiated pink initial on a blue background, with blue and red acanthus leaves extending along the inner margin, showing a three quarter portrait, possibly of the author, clad in his black Augustinian robes presenting a book. The initial...
Dates: 1425 - 1475

Diploma supposticium theodosi minoris augusti, per quod gymnasium bononiense institutum ab eo fertur, 1375 - 1425

Identifier: Gordan MS 105
Overview ff. 1r-2v [Title in upper margin:] Priulegium Ciuitatis bononieInc: In Christi Nomine Amen. Anno a natiuitate domini Quadrigentesimo uigesimo tercio. Incaepit imperare Theodosius minor et imperauit viginti sex annis. Theodosius dei gratia Romanorum Imperator semper augustus in imperio constitutus a theodosio suo Patruo qui per potentiam imperium acquisiuit.Expl.: Si quis autem tam audax forte extiterit qui huic nostre sententie non satisfecerit presenti Anno vita...
Dates: 1375 - 1425

Inventory of jewels and other objects belonging to Edward I, in roll format, 1301

Identifier: MS 8
Overview This is 1301 roll from England includes a detailed inventory of the jewels and other precious objects in the possession of King Edward I of England. The locations of the objects are described, as well as the chests and boxes in which they are kept and items which are gifts include the donor's name. The headings for the different sections are written in a two-line script enclosed in a frame. The roll is composed of two membranes stitched together. The parchment is worn and although the...
Dates: 1301

Legenda aurea, 1300 - 1350

Identifier: Gordan MS 28

ff. 1r-2v [Prologue, followed by a table of contents:] Incipit prologus super legendas sanctorum quas compilauit frater iacobus racione ianuensis de ordine fratrum predicatorum. Uniuersum tempus presentis uite in quatuor distinguitur scilicet in tempus deuiationis reuocationis siue renouationis. . . ff. 2v-266v De adventu domini Aduentus domini per quattuor septimanas agitur ad significandum quod quattuor sunt aduentus scilicet in carnem.

Dates: 1300 - 1350

Polychronicon, 1375 - 1400

Identifier: Gordan MS 64
Overview Table of contents: Title page written in an ornate nineteenth-century gothic hand; Prologus primus super historiam policronicam Capitulum Primum; alphabetical subject index to article 2 beginning with "Abraham ii octauo" and ending at "de zorobabel iii x;" a brief description of the six ages of man added at the end of the index; two short lists added later: an excerpt from the Domesday Book:: Eratta de Domesday Regis. . . and a list of English kings: Reges Anglie ab aduentu dacorum usque ad...
Dates: 1375 - 1400