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Manuscripts, Arabic

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 16 Collections and/or Records:

Calligraphic Album, 1889-1890 C.E.; 1307 A.H.

Identifier: BV 58

Calligraphic album of a selection of aphorisms of the Prophet Muḥammad written by the calligrapher Ḥasan Riżā. The pages are heavy card with the first and last leaf as a single sheet and all other leaves as sets of two sheets adhered together with ribbon lining the edges. The paired leaves are all beginning to separate.

Dates: 1889-1890 C.E.; 1307 A.H.

Devotional book, 1771-1772 C.E.; 1158 A.H.

Identifier: BV 53

Devotional book containing selections from the Qurʼān, several illuminated seals (muhr), and calligraphic drawings with the names of God, the Prophet Muḥammad, other Imams and family members. Three blank pages at the end have been prepared for drawing but left unfilled (f. 69v-70v).

Dates: 1771-1772 C.E.; 1158 A.H.

Devotional book, 1777 C.E.; 1191 A.H.

Identifier: BV 48

Devotional book containing selections from the Qurʼān, other short prayers and illuminated panels and calligraphic drawings. Several pages of prayers in a different hand at the end with the last page inverted (f. 71v-76v). Some titles in Ottoman Turkish.

Dates: 1777 C.E.; 1191 A.H.

Devotional book, 1725-1825 C.E.; 1137-1241 A.H.

Identifier: BV 71

Devotional book containing selections from the Qurʼān, beginning with Sūrat Yūsuf and ending with a prayer. The entire text is written inside gilt pear-shapes with illuminated margins.

Dates: 1725-1825 C.E.; 1137-1241 A.H.

J. Rendel Harris collection

Identifier: HC.MC-838

The collection is composed chiefly of manuscripts purchased by J. Rendel Harris (Haverford faculty member, 1886-1891) in Egypt, Palestine, and Lebanon. Manuscripts are written in Hebrew, Ethiopic, Syriac, Arabic, Armenian, Latin and other languages.

Dates: 1200 - 1890

Notebook of magical formulae, 1924 C.E.; 1342 A.H.

Identifier: BV 56

Small notebook of invocations and talismans, some associated with the name ʻAbd Allāh al-Arḍī (p. 1, [13]). Pages are written on one side only.

Dates: 1924 C.E.; 1342 A.H.

Syriac-English dictionary, 1700-1799 C.E.; 1111-1214 A.H.

Identifier: BV 67

Syriac-English dictionary arranged according to the order of the Syriac alphabet.

Dates: 1700-1799 C.E.; 1111-1214 A.H.

القرآن. al-Qurʼān, 1775-1850 C.E.; 1188-1266 A.H.

Identifier: BV 70

Complete copy of the Qurʼān; two pages at the front detached (f. 1-2).

Dates: 1775-1850 C.E.; 1188-1266 A.H.

القرآن. al-Qurʼān, 1700-1850 C.E.; 1111-1266 A.H.

Identifier: BV 60

Copy of most of Juzʼ 8 of the Qurʼān. The text begins with the last two words of verse 112 of al-Anʻām, and ends with the penultimate word of verse 78 of al-Aʻrāf.

Dates: 1700-1850 C.E.; 1111-1266 A.H.

القرآن. al-Qurʼān, 1754-1755 C.E.; 1168 A.H.

Identifier: BV 52

Nearly complete copy of the Qurʼān. The first two folios are missing, so the text begins with verse 17 of al-Baqarah and one folio is missing from the end, so the last complete sūrah is al-Māʻūn.

Dates: 1754-1755 C.E.; 1168 A.H.