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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 30 Collections and/or Records:

Henry Hartshorne manuscript

Identifier: HC.MC-975-07-118
Overview This collection is comprised of the single volume manuscript of poetry written by Henry Hartshorne. Poems included in the volume are related to nature, aging, loss, and friendship.
Dates: 1845-1847

Josiah W. Leeds account books

Identifier: HC.MC-975-08-015
Overview The account books of Josiah W. Leeds record the publication account of various books written by Leeds and others. Each volume records the number of volumes purchased, who they were sold to, or how they were distributed, and the price each volume was sold for, for each title. At the back of each volume are clippings of book reviews for the titles accounted for in the volume.
Dates: 1877-1894

Lloyd family commonplace books

Identifier: HC.MC-975-03-023
Overview The Lloyd family commonplace books include extracts, poetry, and literary quotes.
Dates: 1815-1858

“Satan’s Harbinger Encountered”

Identifier: HC.MC-975-07-110
Overview "Satan's Harbginer Encountered, His False News of a Trumpet Detected, His Crooked Ways in the Wildernesse, laid open to the view of the impartial & judicious, Being Some thing by way of answer to Daniel Leeds his book entitled News of a Trumpet Sounding in the Wildernesse etc. wherein is shown," as indicated by the title, was a response to Daniel Leed's publication, which criticized the Society of Friends and sought to correct the accusations made by Leeds. The original manuscript was...
Dates: Undated.

Matlack family commonplace books

Identifier: HC.MC-975-03-053
Overview The commonplace books of the Matlack family largely focus on Elias Hicks.
Dates: Undated.

Mary C. Davidow collection of research materials on the life and career of Charlotte Mew (1869-1928)

Identifier: BMC-M41
Overview Charlotte Mary Mew (15 November 1869 – 24 March 1928) was an English poet. She contributed a number of short stories to the Temple Bar as well as the Yellow Book. She is best known for her book of poems The Farmer's Bride, published by Harold Monro's Poetry Bookshop in 1916. She committed suicide while depressed. These materials were collected by Mary C. Davidow in the process of writing her Ph.D. dissertation at Brown University (1960) on the life and work of Charlotte Mew. The collection...
Dates: 1869 - 1928

"The Literature of the American Quaker before 1825"

Identifier: HC.MC-975-07-066
Overview Robert H. Morgan's dissertation focuses on Quaker ideals and principles, as well as Quakers' reactions to contemporary life as exhibited through Quaker literature prior to 1825.
Dates: 1939

John Morton commonplace book

Identifier: HC.MC-975-03-026
Overview The commonplace book of John Morton includes a copy of the will of Edward Warton, recipes for colored dyes, and excerpts organized by topic, including solitude, Barclay's apology, and Paradise Lost.
Dates: Undated.

Mary Ann Newbold commonplace book

Identifier: HC.MC-975-03-059
Overview The commonplace book of Mary Ann Newbold contains extracts concerning nature, religion, and friendship.
Dates: 1824-1829

Rebecca Peirce commonplace book

Identifier: HC.MC-975-03-028
Overview The commonplace book of Rebecca Peirce includes excerpts of letters on friendship, prayers, extracts from the writing of William Grover, extracts of a letter from Samuel Fothergill, and extracts from Sherwood's "Lady of the Manor."
Dates: 1824