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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 21 Collections and/or Records:

Bible, 1300 - 1350

Identifier: Gordan MS 56

A Bible in the usual order as described by N. R. Ker, Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries, vol. 1 (Oxford, 1969) 96-97.

Dates: 1300 - 1350

Canticum canticorum, with glossa ordinaria; Peter of Limoges; John Chrysostom; Hugo of St. Victor, etc., 1100 - 1299

Identifier: MS 18
Overview This is an English manuscript from the twelfth to the thirteenth century, containing various texts in different hands, which includes: the Canticum canticorum; Peter of Limoges' de Oculo Morali; Ogerius de Lucedio's Planctus Beatae Virginis Mariae; Publilius Syrus' Sententiae; Seneca's De beneficiis; Pseudo-Seneca' ad Gallionem de remediis fortuitis; Johannes Chrysostomus' De reparation lapsi; Pseudo-Bernard of Clairvaux's Exceptiones super meditationibus de interiori homine; Hugh of Saint...
Dates: 1100 - 1299

Castle hours #2, use of Rouen, 1425 - 1475

Identifier: MS 20

This is a mid-fifteenth century book of hours from France, use of Rouen.

Table of contents: Calendar in French for Rouen and Amiens; later inserts in lettre bâtarde; Gospel Pericopes; Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary, use of Rouen; Penitential Psalms and Litany; Short Office of the Cross; Office of the Dead, use uncertain; Fifteen Joys of the Virgin

Dates: 1425 - 1475

Castle liturgical psalter, 1575 - 1599

Identifier: MS 37

This is a late sixteenth-century Spanish liturgical psalter. It contains the Psalms of the Sunday Office of Matins through None with antiphons and responses throughout the year. There is musical notation for the Te Deum and for the Hymns, antiphons, and responses at Prime and Terce.

Dates: 1575 - 1599

Chew psalter, 1475 - 1499

Identifier: MS 28

This is a French psalter from the fourth quarter of the fifteenth century. It includes a Calendar of Rouen, the Biblical Psalter, Twelve Ferial Canticles, and the Litany followed by Prayers, although there is some missing text and the psalms begin incompletely.

Dates: 1475 - 1499

Christian Arbitration and Peace Society Records

Identifier: HC.MC-975-09-006

The Christian Arbitration and Peace Society was founded in 1886 in Philadelphia as a branch of the American Peace Society.

Dates: 1886-1896

De comprobatione aetatis sextae, etc., 1400 - 1499

Identifier: Gordan MS 112

Contents: Table of contents followed by a brief publishing history of the texts which describes article 6 as "ineditus" and probably "spurius." Later additions, in lead, in a twentieth-century hand; De Comprobatione Aetatis Sextae; a chronology of the Roman Empire from the birth of Christ through Michael; Table of contents; De fide catholica; Unidentified text attributed to Jerome; In libros Veteris et Novi Testamenti Proemia; Allegorie Quaedam Sacrae Scripturae.

Dates: 1400 - 1499

Epistolae; Vita s. martini, etc., 1450 - 1500

Identifier: MS 10

This is an Italian manuscript from the second half of the fifteenth century, which contains: Pseudo-Eusebius' Epistola de morte Hieronomi ad Damasium; Pseudo-Augustine's Epistola de magnificentiis Hieronymi ad Cyrillum; Pseudo-Cyrillus' Epistola ad beatum Augustinum de miraculis Hieronymi; Sulpicius Severus' De vita beati Martini, his Tituli metrici de Santo Martino, and his Dialogus I-III; Gregory of Tours' Narrationes in obitu et de prima translatione; and Vita Sancti Zenonis.

Dates: 1450 - 1500

Epistulae; Adversus Vigilantium; and De Perpetua virginitate beatae mariae adversus Helvidium, 1435

Identifier: MS 55
Overview This is an exceptionally interesting collection of texts by Saint Jerome, still in its original binding and signed and dated at numerous intervals by the scribe, Johannes Tyrolf, providing valuable evidence on how fast scribes wrote. Tyrolf signed at least five other manuscripts. It includes unpublished marginal comments, as well as an original subject index, copied by the main scribe in a formal hand and could be an invaluable source for studies of the reception of Jerome’s works, as well...
Dates: 1435

Haverford Christian Fellowship Collection

Identifier: HCQ-003-065

The collection contains email printouts about the club's activities, its brief history written up by Ben Walker in 2006, and a cast for a musical story presented by the fellowship.

Also within the collection are 24 digital items related to the organization and function of the Haverford College Christian Fellowship in 2022.

Dates: 1979 - 2022