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Society of Friends -- New York (State) -- Saratoga County

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 15 Collections and/or Records:

Adirondack Friends Meeting Records

 Collection — Othertype SW/NY/A293
Identifier: QM-NY-A293

Records of Adirondack Friends Meeting, 1985-ongoing. Includes: membership Records 1952-1990 & ca. 1893-1993; newsletters, 1985-1989. Predecessor meetings are described separately.

Dates: ca. 1893-1995

Clark's Corners Friends' Church Records (including Moreau Preparative Meeting (Orthodox))

 Collection — Othertype SW/NY/C519
Identifier: QM-NY-C519

Records of Clark's Corners Friends' Church and its predecessor, Moreau Preparative Meeting, 1854-1899 and 1911. Includes men's and joint minutes.

Dates: 1854-1911

Easton and Saratoga Half Yearly Meeting Records (including its Half Yearly and Quarterly predecessors Easton (Hicksite), Easton & Granville, Easton & Saratoga, and Saratoga (Hicksite))

Identifier: QM-NY-E378

Records of Easton and Saratoga Half Yearly Meeting (1927-1986) and its predecessors, Easton Half Yearly (Hicksite: 1924-27), Easton & Granville Half Yearly (1898-1924), Easton and Saratoga Quarterly (1871-1898), Easton Quarterly (Hicksite: 1828-1871), Easton Quarterly (1795-1828), and Saratoga Quarterly (Hicksite: 1828-71). Includes: Minutes, (men's and joint), 1793-1985, women's minutes, 1793-1884, and minutes of the Quarterly Meeting of Ministers and Elders, 1793-1871.

Dates: 1793-1986

Galway Monthly Meeting (Hicksite) Records

 Collection — Othertype SW/NY/G373
Identifier: QM-NY-G373

Records of Galway Monthly Meeting (Hicksite) and its predecessor, 1802-1865. Includes: Minutes 1828-1865; women's minutes, 1802-1865; Ministers and Elders minutes, 1852-1862; Register, 1850-1861, Correspondence 1932-53.

Dates: 1802-1865

Galway Monthly Meeting (Orthodox) Records

 Collection — Othertype SW/NY/G375
Identifier: QM-NY-G375

Records of Galway Monthly Meeting (Orthodox) and its predecessor, 1820-1836. Includes: Men's & women's minutes, 1820-1836, and vital Records 1828.

Dates: 1820-1836

Galway Preparative Meeting (Hicksite) Records

 Collection — Othertype SW/NY/G377
Identifier: QM-NY-G377

Records of Galway Preparative Meeting (Hicksite), 1797-1861. Includes: Minutes 1797-1861.

Dates: 1815-1861

Greenfield and Milton Monthly Meetings (Orthodox) Records

 Collection — Othertype SW/NY/G795
Identifier: QM-NY-G795

Records of Greenfield Monthly Meeting (Orthodox) and its predecessor, Milton Monthly Meeting (Orthodox), 1828-55. Includes: Minutes 1828-1855.

Dates: 1828-1855

Half Moon Preparative Meeting Records

 Collection — Othertype SW/NY/H339
Identifier: QM-NY-H339

Records of Half Moon Preparative Meeting (Orthodox) and its pre-Separation predecessor, 1801-1840. Includes: Minutes (men's), 1801-1836, and women's minutes, 1801-1840.

Dates: 1801-1840

Milton and Greenfield Preparative Meeting (Hicksite) Records

 Collection — Othertype SW/NY/M597
Identifier: QM-NY-M597

Records of Milton and Greenfield Preparative Meeting (Hicksite) and its predecessors Milton Preparative Meeting (Hicksite) and Greenfield Preparative Meeting (Hicksite), 1829-1855.

Dates: 1829-1855

Northern Quarterly Meeting (including Easton (Orthodox), Ferrisburgh, Glen Falls, and Saratoga (Orthodox)) Records

 Collection — Othertype SW/NY/N696
Identifier: QM-NY-N696

Records of Northern Quarterly Meeting, including its predecessors in Ferrisburgh Quarterly, Glen Falls Quarterly, Easton (Orthodox) Quarterly, and Saratoga (Orthodox) Quarterly. Includes men's, women's, and joint minutes, and ministers and elders' minutes.

Dates: 1810 - 1986