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Society of Friends -- New York (State) -- Dutchess County

Subject Source: Library Of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 35 Collections and/or Records:

Beekman Preparative Meeting Records

 Collection — Othertype SW/NY/B437
Identifier: QM-NY-B437

Records of Beekman Preparative Meeting, 1810-28. Includes: Men's minutes, 1810-1828.

Dates: 1810-1828

Branch Preparative Meeting Records

 Collection — Othertype SW/NY/B715
Identifier: QM-NY-B715

Includes: Men's minutes, 1790-1811; women's minutes, 1795-1804 & 1839-1853.

Dates: 1790-1853

Bulls Head-Oswego Monthly Meeting Records

 Collection — Othertype SW/NY/B855
Identifier: QM-NY-B855
Overview Records of Bulls Head-Oswego Monthly Meeting and its predecessors, Oswego Monthly Meeting and Oswego Monthly Meeting (Hicksite). Includes: minutes, men's and joint, 1826-2013; women's minutes, 1799-1887; vital records including marriages, 1799-1900, marriages & removals, 1809-1875, births & deaths, 1810-1933, marriages & removals, 1875-1917, births & deaths, 1927-1980, removals, 1979-1995; minutes of the meeting of Ministers and Elders 1883-1859 & 1890-1910; account books...
Dates: 1799-2013

Clinton Corners Monthly Meeting Records (including its Pre-Separation and Orthodox predecessors Creek and Stanford Meetings)

 Collection — Othertype SW/NY/C733
Identifier: QM-NY-C733

Records of Clinton Corners Monthly Meeting and its predecessors, Creek Monthly Meeting (Orthodox) and Stanford Monthly Meeting (Orthodox)

Dates: 1787-1975

Creek and Stanford Monthly Meetings (Pre-Separation and Hicksite) Records

 Collection — Othertype SW/NY/C731
Identifier: QM-NY-C731

Records of Creek Monthly Meeting (Hicksite), Creek & Stanford Monthly Meeting, Creek Monthly Meeting (pre-Separation), Stanford Monthly Meeting (pre-Separation), and Stanford Monthly Meeting (Hicksite). Includes: minutes; women's minutes; vital Records including births & deaths, 1810-1871 & 1827-1946, and marriages & removals, 1828-1885; reports of Sufferings; minutes of the meeting of Ministers & Elders, and a Treasurer's book.

Dates: 1803-1917

Creek Preparative Meeting (Orthodox) Records

 Collection — Othertype SW/NY/C737
Identifier: QM-NY-C737

Records of Creek Preparative Meeting (Orthodox), 1828-1892. Includes: Men's and women's minutes, 1855-92 and 1828-1835.

Dates: 1828-1892

Creek Preparative Meeting (Pre-Separation and Hicksite) Records

 Collection — Othertype SW/NY/C735
Identifier: QM-NY-C735

Records of Creek Preparative Meeting (Hicksite) of Clinton, N.Y., and its pre-Separation predecessor, 1797-1895. Includes: men's minutes, 1797-1809 and 1851-1882, and women's minutes, 1820-1895.

Dates: 1797-1895

Crum Elbow Preparative Meeting Records

 Collection — Othertype SW/NY/C797
Identifier: QM-NY-C797

Records of Crum Elbow Preparative Meeting (Hicksite) and its pre-Separation predecessor. Includes: Men's & women's minutes, 1797-1899, and register, 1828-1946.

Dates: 1797-1899

Green Haven Friends Meeting Records

 Collection — Othertype SW/NY/G755
Identifier: QM-NY-G755

Records of Green Haven Friends Meeting. Includes: minutes 1976, and miscellansoue records.

Dates: 1976-1997

Lagrange and Beekman Preparative Meetings (Orthodox) Records

 Collection — Othertype SW/NY/L357
Identifier: QM-NY-L357

Records of Lagrange Preparative Meeting (Orthodox) and its predecessor, Beekman Preparative Meeting, 1825-1902. Includes: Men's & women's minutes, 1828-1902.

Dates: 1825-1902